Johnnybell Sanchez. 25.

Founded in December 2011 by Johnnybell Sanchez, NYTrendyMoms is one of the most influential blogs in New York City. HotelClub.com nominated NYTM as one of the top 20 New York City blogs in 2014. 

Johnny's passion for fashion, beauty and lifestyle goes beyond blogging. She loves exploring new places simply for the pleasure of knowing what's out there. As an adrenaline junkie, she describes herself as a fearless and adventurous girl. Enjoying skydiving, hiking, snorkeling, cooking, or any outdoor activities.
NYTM focuses on discovering new trends, quality brands and unique places around the world, while sharing the experiences with the thousands of visitors NYTM receives each month. As a bilingual speaker, Johnnybell wanted to expand her horizons and is now blogging in English and Spanish. This allows her to expand her readership around the world and exposes NYTM to new opportunities. 

NYTM also shares children's fashion. Zareena and Leanne are Johnnybell's two daughters who have started their careers early in their life. They both have worked with numerous of brands and have walked the runways of Petite Parade (Vogue Bambini) and many more.


Leanne,4. Zareena,7. 

For any collaborations please email us ( Johnnybell(at)NYTrendyMoms.com