July 29, 2016

Huda Beauty Launches New Liquid Matte Lipsticks!


Ahhhh! Another amazing collection of products launched by one of the most influential beauty bloggers in the industry, Huda Kattan. The new collection of Liquid Matte Lipsticks is sold at  Sephora.com and the Sephora app ($20). I was able to get my hands on two shades before the launch. Continue reading to see me wear Venus (nude) and Cheerleader (red). 

Huda wanted to release her new collection on National Lipstick Day (which is today!), a day the Huda Beauty brand officially owns according to the National Day Calendar!  Huda hopes to empower women on National Lipstick Day and celebrate beauty and confidence. She’s asking that women post their “power lip", what makes them feel beautiful and ready to conquer the day, and tag #NationalLipstickDay and #HudaBeauty on social media sites.

July 28, 2016

In A Field Of Sunflowers


Over the weekend I visited a field of sunflowers in Connecticut and I couldn't pass the chance of doing a shoot with this Suno dress. You wont believe how long I've had this dress for and this was the first time I ever wore it. It's been almost two years of this little gem sitting in my closet. You know when you get something and you just forget that you have it? Well, thats what happened here.
I'm so glad I waited for the right moment to wear it since I feel this is the perfect setting and great color contrast. 

The chocker I'm wearing is by Erin Dana. I'm wearing it backwards because I wanted to show the strings. On the other side it says NYTM :) & if you see the last photo on this post you'll see Leanne wearing her customized Erin Dana choker as well.

July 25, 2016

Best Bike Paths Across New York


I'm completely new to biking in the city with my family. Believe it or not, we've never owned bikes until last week when my husband and I bought our girls two bicycles. I knew that buying bikes was only step 1. Teaching them how to ride would take time and patience and what better time then during Summer vacation. Moe and I also got bikes from Sixthreezero and I thought it would be perfect to tie it in with this highly requested story. I've teamed up with Zillow to share a helpful guide to the best bike paths across New York.

July 22, 2016

Kalahari Resorts Giveaway!

It's Fridayyyyy and it's hot in NYC! We've really seen Summer at it's best these past few days with temperatures going up to 97 degrees. I mean, I'm not complaining or anything but, it's BURNING hot! This heat makes you want to jump in a pool and just stay in there for awhile. & speaking of a pool, I have some really exciting news for you guys today!

July 20, 2016

Wearing Pink


Today I'm feeling very pinky and extra girly. Pink has been my happy color lately and I've been wearing it quite a bit. Today I'm wearing this Design History dress. The dress is sleeveless and I'm not really into exposing my upper body so, I went ahead and wore a super comfy shirt from J. Jill. Continue reading to find out full outfit details.