July 8, 2019

Must-Have Dresses For Summer


Now, this is my type of weather!
Not too hot but warm enough to wear a pretty little dress.

I don't know if it's only me but every time I leave my house without a jacket I regret it instantly. I've now made it a requirement to leave my house with a sweater or jacket even if I don't end up using it.

Take yesterday's situation for instance, I was out for a stroll and decided to
stop by the mall. This was clearly a very bad idea since I had on a little sleeveless dress an didn't bring a sweater. Ugh!! There's nothing worst than being uncomfortably cold and two hours later, have a random cough and stuffy nose.

Now, I'm always prepared with my sweater/jacket in hand.

Ahora, este es mi tipo de clima!
No demasiado caliente pero lo suficientemente caliente como para llevar un bonito vestido.

No sé si solo soy yo, pero cada vez que salgo de mi casa sin una chaqueta, me arrepiento al instante. Ahora he hecho un requisito para salir de mi casa con un suéter o una chaqueta, aunque no termine  usándolo.

Tomemos como ejemplo la situación de ayer, salí a pasear y decidí parar en el centro comercial. Esto fue claramente una muy mala idea, ya que me había puesto un vestido sin mangas y no había traído un suéter. Ugh !! No hay nada peor que estar incómodamente fría y dos horas después, tener una tos y los moscos corriendo de la nariz.

Ahora, siempre estoy preparada con mi suéter / chaqueta en la mano.

June 18, 2019

Staying At A Farmhouse | Blind Buck Valley Farmstead


I remember starting my blog in December 2011 and wanting to write about everything! I wrote about my weekly meals, random facts about me, weekend getaways, I highlighted my favorite places around the city, new makeup finds and so much more. I was a little more excited about things as anything ‘new’ usually is. As the years went by and companies started reaching out and wanting to work with me I noticed I started prioritizing those campaigns more than my non-paid ones. Believe me, it pains me to admit it but it’s true. & it’s not only me. I see it happening everywhere.. on blogs, on youtube and on instagram. As annoying as it seems, I wish more people understood that this is my full time gig. This is my actual job.. You know, how I pay bills and stuff. So in a way, I do have to prioritize paid opportunities. Y'all get me right!?

Now, that James is a little older (he’ll be one next week!) I have a little more time to write on the blog, pick up my old hobby of taking photos/ filming videos and simply sharing more of my families every day life. So If you had been wishing for more travel adventours I have great news! Today’s post is not a paid one.. but I did team up with Blind Buck Valley Farmstead to share my experience staying at their property. This was the second time we stayed there.

May 10, 2019

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Guide

I don't know about you but I strongly believe all mother's should be celebrated every single day not just on Mother's Day. I tell my kids this and they laugh as if I was kidding. But you know what? I now get it. My mom would tell me the same thing when I was younger and I laughed too. 

As kids, we think we know it all. & it's not until we become parents ourselves that we realize "shoot, mom and dad were actually doing a hell of a job". It's only now as a 28 year old woman and mom of three that I realize how much work it is to be a parent. 365 days, 24/7. No days off. It's exhausting!

Looking back I wish I treated mom differently. With more love, compassion and understanding. Moms rule! & I'm not just saying that because Mother's Day is around the corner.. we really rule! 

We are selfless. We are beautiful and perfect. We are warriors. We are the foundation of it all. Without us there would be nothing! So remember to take a little time for YOU and for her, we all deserve it. 

In todays blogpost I wanted to share a little Mother's Day gift guide along with some great deals that are happening the next few days.

April 28, 2019

Staying at The Plaza With The House of Creed


If you follow me on social media than you probably already know that The House Of Creed invited my friend Nadia and I to a staycation at The Plaza Hotel in celebration of Mother's Day.

I know it's hard to believe that I've never visited The Plaza Hotel as I'm a born and raised New Yorker (and the Leather Spa down at the Food Hall doesn't count). It's always been a dream of mine to one day step foot in the place where they filmed my childhood favorite movie, Home Alone 2. 

April 4, 2019

Getting Your Baby To Sleep


I've been feeling like a zombie lately... surprise, surprise.

James sleeping schedule is all out of wack once again. 
And it's all because he's teething.
At the moment I can spot two little teeth right on the bottom of his mouth. You can probably also see it in the photo above. As cute as he looks with them, I hate seeing him in so much pain especially at night.

April 1, 2019

Healthy Spring Break Tips

This post is sponsored by Adidas. All opinions are my own.


It’s safe to come out of hibernation people. The sun is finally out and Spring is actually here. This time, it’s for real. I mean, this Winter just kept dragging and dragging. Am I right? Thankfully, those days are behind us now. Let’s move on and pretend we weren’t stressing over the cold.

It’s that time of year where the flowers start to bloom, our moods get a little better and we start planning some getaways. It’s been a while since I took a trip somewhere warm or anywhere at all. I know all you moms understand what it’s like having a new baby (not so new anymore, he’s 9 months). Truthfully, I had forgotten how much energy and time it takes to prepare all their stuff. Whether it’s to get them ready for a bath, nap, feeding, diaper change.. It’s a lot. By the time that’s all done, I have zero energy to get ready myself. I will say, things are getting much better every single day (thank goodness). For instance, last week I spent a day gardening and he was playing with his older sisters the entire time and that never happens. I can’t deny he’s a mama’s boy. Yet, now he’s a little more independant, plays with his toys and wants to eat on his own. In other words, I don’t have any excuses not to get ready and plan family trips.

& speaking of; I’m excited to be taking a fun trip with my whole family (and by whole family I mean EVERYONE! Dad, cousins, aunts etc) very soon. We all need a break from our daily hustle and bustle. I’m so glad to have booked something fun for all of us to get together and create memories. Will share details in weeks to come.

March 7, 2019

FAQ About Baby James


I was very hesitant to write this post because of all the potential negativity I would get from internet trolls. Saying I’m no doctor, I shouldn’t be suggesting things to people because I’m no expert, ect. & then I thought, what’s the point of having a blog then?

I’m here to share my experience with my eight month old baby boy. No, I’m no expert but I do have previous experience as he’s my third child. So, to you trolls I say, bye Felicia! I always wanted to say that lol

Since many questions have been making there ways into my dm’s and I’ve been holding off on answering each one individually because a lot of the questions were repetitive and it’s best to find all answers in one place.

The first question says: