December 8, 2017

Welcome Home | Keepsake


These past few months have been insane. If it wasn't for my recent trip to Jamaica I think I would've lost my mind awhile ago. From being a new homeowner, to dealing with an awful contractor, to getting seriously sick from eating outside everyday since our kitchen is still not finished. Time has been one of the most difficult things to keep track of. Everyday is either running to the doctor or running to The Home Depot. Many of you might not be aware of the situation

October 23, 2017

Best Top Knots For Fall

My high school years were all about top knots. There were cool back then and apparently are still cool. Now more than ever we've been seeing people in Hollywood, Bollywood and on the streets of NY rocking the look. Ever since Beyonce posted a shot of her with a messy top knot on her instagram I've been shook! Today I will be sharing a few great ways to rock the top knot trend this Fall.

One super cool way to rock the look is by applying bangs/or fringe. I am always so hesitant when it comes to cutting my hair so I love the idea of applying faux bangs to achieve a look. I own the side swept Hair2Wear from HSN in dark brown but I also love this one here. Braids are another way to spice up an old top knot recipe... 

I newly discovered this Wen anti-frizz gel which would be ideal for this hairstyle. Its flexible to work with and at the same time holds throughout the day. Top knots are fun for any occasions if done right of course. I hope this post inspires you to create your own top knot look.

October 17, 2017



photos by Denisse from Thugnanny

sunnies: Prada (buy here)  |  blazer + skirt: Express (buy in black here) |  top: Ralph Lauren  |  shoes: Carrano  |  bag: Chanel  |  earrings: Aldo (buy here)

October 8, 2017

Treadmill And Tequila

photos by Phil Yoon
Last week I attended the Treadmill And Tequila workout class alongside one of my favorite dj's/fitness gurus, Hannah Fallis Bronfman at Barry's Bootcamp. After an amazing sweat session we enjoyed a few cocktails curtesy of Don Julio. I mean, who wouldn't want a low calorie cocktail after a 60 min workout?

If you like a kick in your drinks you're going to love this one below.