October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!


No October is ever completed without a Halloween party. My girls attend one every year during the day and never like wearing their actual costumes (they leave that for Halloween night). I love shopping at H&M for fun pieces like this pink bat dress and this glittery web dress that are Halloween themed and can be worn for many fun occasions. & speaking of fun events... 

One event you wont want to miss today is the annualHalloween at Chelsea Market . Suited for children of all ages, the event will feature trick-or-treating along with carnival-themed performances. With the market decorated with its celebrated Halloween decorations, highlights of the event will include stilt walkers, jugglers, and plenty of other spooks. Additionally, attendees will also have the opportunity to view Chelsea Market’s giant pumpkin with master carver Hugh McMahon. The event is free and starts at 3pm-5pm today October 31st, 2016 at Chelsea Market 75 9th Avenue New York, NY 10011

October 29, 2016

Mixing Hi’s-and-Low’s


The true meaning of Fashion is learning how to mix high end pieces with low end ones. This creates a reachable approach specially if you’re an influencer like myself. Today I’ve teamed up with JCPenney to show you how I style this gorgeous dress (which was less than $50) and how I elevate it into something that could be more expensive.

 I wanted to create a look that was monochromatic yet wearable. Since we’re in Autumn I went with this beautiful wine colored knee-high boots which complements the dress perfectly. This JCPenney dress has a slit on the left side that gives the look a nice sexy touch without being too provocative. What truly drew me to this dress was the beautiful details on the left side of the leg and hips. This is what makes this dress stand out. Since the  details have gold I wanted to continue that same concept throughout the whole look. I added a chain necklace as the only accessory because I really wanted to keep the focus on the dress. Sunglasses makes everything luxurious and mysterious. Of course, a look can’t be finished without a handbag and this classic bag was the cherry on top.

 Remember, less is more when trying to achieve the ‘ Mixing hi’s-and-low’s ’ look. I like to add one statement accessory whether it’s a necklace or cuff to really accentuate a classy look. Like I said, sunglasses are a MUST! The bigger the sunglasses are, the more mysterious you’ll look. Investing in a luxury handbag is a great idea. This means you could wear anything, and I mean anything, and get away with it. No one will question where you buy your clothes or shoes from. & last but not least be confident. There’s nothing better than seeing a woman walk down the street with great confidence.  #SoWorthIt

I hope these tips help you achieve the ‘Mixing Hi’s-and-Low’s ‘ look.

 Have a great weekend!

October 26, 2016

Foxy Sweater Dress


I must admit this little number made me feel quite foxy last week. I've been secretly working on defining my legs and felt that it was time to show you my process. Summer may be over for some New Yorkers, but not for me.

The day I shot this look the weather was really nice and I knew I had to take the opportunity to wear this Free People dress that had been sitting in my closet for weeks. The minute I saw it on the website I knew I had to have it! I was lucky enough to get it sent out to me. Although, It didn't exactly fit the way I imagined and I'm the one to blame. I wore the slip a little too high and it's why you don't see my chest. Take a look at it on the model here. Even though I wore it kind off wrong, the right way would've been too revealing for my taste. I love how flowy it is ( don't you? )specially when you walk. This dress is also available in black and brown.

Did you like the way I wore this sweater dress? What you would've done differently?

October 25, 2016

Comfort during Fall


It's no surprise that I'm with my daughters 24/7. After all, I am a stay at home mom. Nonetheless,  it's not everyday that we get to run around in a field of apples in Stuarts Farm. So being comfortable was a no brainer.

Es obvio que soy madre de casa y que estoy con mis niñas a toda hora. Aunque no es todos 
los dias que corremos en una finca de manzanas.

October 24, 2016

California-Style Beach Food // Playa Betty's


If you've been following me for awhile then you know Mexican food is my all time favorite type of cuisine. Hence, I never say 'no' to tacos! #Dontjudge

Yesterday, my family and I stopped by Playa Betty's ( Located on 320 Amsterdam avenue New York, NY 10023 ) to try the most talked about items on their menu. The initial feeling you get when you walk in the restaurant is Cali confort. You'll find surf boards and vintage posters hanging on the walls, something my kids went crazy over. & speaking of kids, Playa Betty's comfortable seating area offers great space for families with strollers.


October 21, 2016

Leather Goods


White long sleeve shirts have become my Fall uniform.. & do you blame me? White is always a form of elegance specially if its by J. Jill. Paired with leather pants or faux leather leggings to give the look a bit of an edge. These are by HUE. I've had them for years and they still look new.

Now let's talk about this Vera Bradley 'Vivian Hobo Bag' in the color Cognac. Such a beautiful bag specially for this time of year. I'm so happy to have partnered with Vera Bradley to show you how I style it.

I decided to choose this bag because of the sleek zipper details on the front. Secondly, the color. Vera Bradley is known for her bold unique prints and pops of colors. So, I thought having a simple Vera Bradley item that doesn't have any prints was a gem. Not to mention leather goods likes these last a lifetime.

The bag itself is nice and light to carry around as well as very spacious. You know what they say; the bigger the better! haha. I love how it comes with a longer strap just in case you want to wear it cross body or on your shoulder. In the front it has two zippers for easy access to your phone or wallet. I know I hate searching for small items in my bag. Zippers on the outside is always a plus in my book. It also includes a dust bag. This is so important in order to keep your bags looking new for a longer period of time. I'm crazy about this color specially for Autumn. Nonetheless, if you're not crazy about this color it also comes in Black and Claret (like a maroon color).

October 18, 2016

Quality American Food // Schnippers


Over the weekend my family and I were strolling down the city around World Trade Center. We spotted a new place called Schnippers. From the outside, it stood out so we decided to step in and give it a try. We looked at the menu and everything sounded delicious, specially the milkshakes. After debating for a few minutes we finally made up our minds. To start, we ordered two Schnippers Classic burgers, Chicken Fingers w/ shoestring fries, Crispy Onion Rings, Sloppy Fries, and Cheese Fries. For dessert, we ordered a Creamsicle Float, Pumpkin Shake, Strawberry Shake, and the Salted Caramel Shake. 

Now I'm going to describe each item to you because this isn't just another burger joint. Schnippers offers delicious American food that you won't feel guilty of eating. Meaning it isn't oily like you would expect burgers and fries to be. For instance, the burger. It was cooked to perfection. On the Schnippers Classic Burgers they add a special cheese blend, caramelized onions, thick-cut Applewood smoked bacon, baby arugula and the famous Schnippers sauce. I don't know where to start on the Onion rings. They were hands down thee best rings I've ever had!!! They serve the Onion rings with the perfect chipotle dipping sauce that makes each ring even more irresistible. My youngest daughter Leanne, is one of those children that no matter where you take them, they will always order chicken fingers and fries. The Chicken fingers at Schnippers were devine! Crispy on the outside and soft (almost melt in your mouth) and juicy on the inside. I've been to many restaurants and have never seen chicken cooked this way.  & talk about the sloppy fries with cheese sauce! I didn't have Sloppy Joes since High School and having it on fries at Schnippers was bringing back good memories. The difference here was the extremely high quality ground beef and the great atmosphere. A few other items which they serve are sandwiches, melts, salads, hotdogs and mac & cheese. & let's not forget the beer and wine! It's a nice family friendly restaurant where kids can have their food and shakes while mom and dad enjoy a nice glass of wine. All in a hip setting. Schnippers is the new place to go for quality American food here in New York City. Visit any of their 5 locations around the city ( 8th ave & 41 Street, 23rd St. & Madison, 570 Lexington at 51 Street, One NY Plaza) and checkout the new location on 120 Church street, New York NY.

October 12, 2016

'Dior Split'


Taking it back to New York Fashion week when I wore my 'Dior Split' sunglasses for the first time and totally forget to post about it. Enjoy!

October 11, 2016

Domino's Digital Insiders Day 2016

Ahhh, where do I begin?! I mean, pizza is a universal language. & if you don't love pizza you can't be human. haha!
I recently attended Domino's Digital Insiders Day which took place at the Domino's Pizza HQ in Michigan. I was thrilled to attend and learn more about my favorite pizza franchise. They taught me the many ways of ordering a pizza with Anyware, I experienced the DXP (Domino's official car with build in oven) and ate loads of pizzas, of course.

October 4, 2016

New Favorite! // Voluminous Liner Noir by L'Oréal


Here's a new beauty post! I feel like it's been awhile since I last talked makeup.
L'Oréal recently sent me their new Voluminous Liner Noir and Voluminous Feline Noir Mascara. Since precision is one of the main concerns when buying eye liners I thought it would be ideal to share with you guys. Continue reading to see what I thought about these two new items.