October 31, 2012

Run With The Wind

Jumpsuit: Anthropologie   |   Shoes:Steve Madden 

As you may have heard, Hurricane Sandy hit us hard here in NYC. The damage it's done to lower manhattan is pretty drastic and will take us some time to recover. I'm glad I shot this look during the weekend before heading out with my husband and the girls. 

Thanks to everyone who sent me warm wishes from all over the world. Love you guys!

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October 29, 2012

Dazzling Caftan

As I previously said on Instagram and Twitter, I love my husbands culture.
One of my favorite celebrations is called Eid (click link for description).

Nadia Khalaf from DesetRoseCouture contacted me a few days ago wondering if I was able to review one of their caftans. & ofcourse I said yes! I thought this dress was perfect for Eid celebration. Their designs are beautiful and extremely affordable. 
You can find their designs at their etsy shop www.etsy.com/shop/forthedesertroses
You can also follow them on Instagram @desertrosecouture and on Facebook www.facebook.com/desertrosecouture

A few words from Nadia
"Just to let you know more about the business- My mother, sister, and I saw that there was a gap in the market for affordable middle eastern clothing. If anyone ever wanted anything they would have to wait until a relative went overseas to bring back something, and even then, it could be a dress that they didn't like. So, we decided to start selling caftans online for a really affordable price. We've been in a couple of fashion shows, including Fashion for Compassion which was a charity fashion show that donated to a Muslim woman's foundation that helps abused woman get back on their feet. Currently, we're designing more pieces that aren't necessarily caftans but still show middle eastern inspiration". 

One of the great things about this caftan is one size fits all. Pictures will tell the rest.

I'm not sure if my confidence translated into the pictures, lets just say I felt like a princess with this caftan on. The material was flowy (yes I know it isn't an actual word) and so perfect for this New York weather. I did not want this day to end! 

After noticing how comfortable and fabulous this dress made me feel, I wont need a special occasion to wear it again. Heck// I would even wear it to shop at Whole Foods!


All you Trenders stay fabulous even during Hurricane Sandy.

October 22, 2012

Soho Chic

Soho is one of those places you want to visit in New York City, and for me living within minutes away is the biggest advantage yet. Being able to spot new trends on the street is priceless. 
 Here's my ootd.

"Jenny" Flower fabric bracelet c/o Tanyakara

Want to receive a 10% off your order? Just enter NYTM10 at checkout when shopping at Tanyakara

Blazer: OVI  |  Shoes: ZARA  |  Bag: Michael Kors  |  Necklace: Vintage  |  Sunnies: D&G  |  Dress: N/a  

October 15, 2012

Blue Crush

Howdy Ya'll!!

A few days ago I was contacted by Baukjen.com. They really liked my blog and wanted me to share their brand with you all. 

'Baukjen is a luxurious women's wear brand that offers easy style for the modern woman'
 What I love most about this brand is the amazing quality. The type that will last you years to come. Simple yet so elegant pieces that can be worn in countless ways.

It can be worn with leggings- high boots- with a belt or a blazer, yes I know I'm nearly crazy about this item and the many ways I can wear it all year round. 

Earrings: Nordstrom

I can't get over the sharp detail sleeves, the details on the front and the vibrant color, ok pretty much everything about it is perfect. 
It's very much my style and I know it will appeal to all of you. 
So please check their website out Baukjen.com, you wont be disappointed.

Bakers Shoes

Have an awesome Monday Trenders!

October 12, 2012

High Boots

Yesterday I shot in Jersey City since my husband was feeling a little under the weather I decided to take  him some home made chicken soup to make him feel better. He insisted to shoot my ootd and I (of course) complied.

Bag:Michael Kors

I posted from a Starbucks near my husbands office, quite chilly place drinking some pumpkin spice latte. Perfect place to write up this post.

The weather has been pretty amazing and a dress with boots couldn't be more perfect.
I decided to wear this floral dress from Urban Outfitters which I wore before in January with leggings here.
What more for a Fall statement then tall boots? These are from Steve Madden.
As you all know I love to spice things up , that's why I wore this bright scarf from a local street vender and my blue no labels watch. The earrings are from BeBe which I don't normally shop there but they were too awesome and dramatic to resist the temptation. 

Like this outfit? What would have you done differently?

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October 8, 2012

Fall Drive

Happy Monday Trenders! 
Before I go in on the details of my day trip I want to show you all my outfit. 

I decided to wear my thrifted bright red sweater with this mustard color hat because it screamed out FALL. Wearing the colors of the season and drinking pumpkin latte is my hobby:) 

Shoes: ZARA
Jeans: Bullshead   Sweater: Thrifted   Hat:H&M 

This past weekend was awesome.. well my kind of awesome which is family time. My husband and I decided to drive to Connecticut with Leanne and his two cousins(my favorite boys) pretty much get lost and discover new places. 

We stopped at Paradise Hills Vineyards and met some wonderful folks. 

You're probably wondering what we ate? Of course the famous steamed burgers at Ted's.

Everyone finished their burgers before I got the chance to take a picture of them. Let's just say, It was worth the drive. The rainy day made it feel like a true Fall day. 

Did you like this post? 
Enjoy the rest of your week cuties.