December 13, 2021

These Boots were made for walking


Happy Monday Trendy Mama's! 
I couldn't help but tittle this post exactly that. Not only were these boots made for walking but they were also made for me!! I ordered these boots a few weeks ago and kept missing the mail carrier until this past weekend when I prioritized stopping by the nearest post office to pick them up. I instantly brought them home and opened them on camera ( instastories ) only to find that my son James fell even more in love with them than I did. We were both dying when I opened the box! 

¡Feliz lunes, Trendy Mama's!
No pude evitar titular esta publicación exactamente así. ¡Estas botas no solo fueron hechas para caminar sino que también fueron hechas para mí! Pedí estas botas hace unas semanas y seguí perdiendo al cartero hasta el fin de semana pasado cuando prioricé pasar por la oficina de correos más cercana para recogerlas. Instantáneamente las llevé a casa y las abrí en cámara (instastories) solo para descubrir que mi hijo James se enamoró aún más de ellas que yo. ¡Los dos estábamos muriéndonos cuando abrí la caja!

October 28, 2021

New Ultra Suede Lipsticks by Makeup By Mario

Makeup by Mario  

A few weeks ago I met the man behind Makeup by Mario at a beauty event, Mario Dedivanovic himself. Being the makeup and food enthusiast that I am, I introduced myself and initiated a conversation with him about non other than food. He recommended a few Albanian dishes (which I have yet to try) and I told him how excited I was about his current and upcoming products. Through the next few weeks I basically stalked his Instagram account as I knew something big was going to be released soon. & there it was! Makeup by Mario's new Ultra Suede Lipstick Collection! The excitement was felt all over the beauty community. A 20 color range collection of matte lipsticks that are comfortable, soft and suede feel. It's long-lasting, water resistant and blurs the lips for a soft-focus finish. Now, if that's not a perfect matte lipstick description, I don't know what is. Along with the 20 shade lipstick collection, Mario also released an edible lip scrub thats ideal for prepping the lips before applying color. 

One of my favorite things about the packaging is the simple and sleek design. The magnetic lid won't open when thrown in your bag and did I mention each shade is named after his employees + teammates. 

Visit to view all the shades or watch my latest reel HERE.

for the record.. "This is thee most comfortable matte lipstick I've ever worn"

October 12, 2021

I'm here to stay

This just hit me. I've had my blog for over 10 years!! That's flipping insane! I literally remember like it was yesterday designing my page on blogger, writing my 'about me' page and being super giddy about this new way of journaling. When did that feeling stop? I miss it. I truly do.

So much has been happening in my life that I haven't shared on here. I now have a septum, just collaborated with IT Cosmetics and James is 3 and a half years old! I've gotten so accustomed to sharing everything on Insta-stories (which only lasts 24 hours) and most of you can't catch up.. I don't blame you either. We all have lives away from work, family, friends and hobbies. It's not easy to keep up with everything happening and I feel like social networks don't make it any easier. 

..... but that's all about to change.

September 23, 2021

Here's what to order at bartaco!


Let's talk about my favorite subject...
Can you guess what that is? By now you probably know its food :)
bartaco is one of my favorite restaurants up in Port Chester, NY. I practically lived here all Summer and always shared my visits on my social accounts. I received hundreds of messages asking to share my experience and more of my favorite items. Here they are!

Hablemos de mi tema favorito ...
¿Puedes adivinar que es? A estas alturas probablemente ya sebes que es comida :)
bartaco es uno de mis restaurantes favoritos en Port Chester, NY. Prácticamente viví aquí todo el verano y siempre compartí mis visitas en mis cuentas sociales. Recibí cientos de mensajes pidiendo compartir mi experiencia y más de mis artículos favoritos. ¡Aquí están!

August 30, 2021

Luna Llena


I recently took a trip to the mall which rarely happens and I came across a product that caught my eye, the Sleeping night oil by Sunday Riley. Typically, I hear about new beauty products through friends, press releases or read about them on magazines. This one I haven't heard a peep about which made me even more curious about trying it. It's been one whole week since I tried it and it's already become one of my absolute favorite products. Here's why. 

The description said something like this:

A next-generation retinol oil that boosts the look and feel of skin plumpness, while improving the appearance of wrinkles, redness, and pores for visibly younger-looking skin. 

Luna works throughout the night to deliver visibly youthful, luminous, even-toned skin in the morning. Trans-retinoic acid ester complex reduces the appearance of pores and wrinkles, while visibly improving the signs of premature aging: fine lines, uneven texture, age spots, dryness, and dullness. Balanced with blue tansy and German chamomile essential oils, both rich in soothing, blue azulene, visible redness and the signs of sensitivity are neutralized, for a calm, even-toned complexion.

Sounds promising right?

After trying it out for one whole week (granted that isn't long enough time to truly notice a dramatic different) I noticed my skin looking and feeling smoother which was one of my concerns. Today begins week two and I'm eager to see the difference I notice this week. Will keep you posted. 

There are two sizes available, a .5 fl oz ($55) and a 1.18 fl oz ($105) .


August 10, 2021

Roadtrip To Philly!


A spontaneous trip down to Philadelphia is just what the doctor ordered. 
Specially if it involves fried chicken, champagne, roller skates, and a shark tunnel!


July 6, 2021

Dove's New Sensitive Care Collection + Giveaway


Over the course of a few months my skin has been through a substantial amount of stress and it's now become noticeable. Lately, I've been adding a few new Dove products to my daily bath routine and I'm already seeing a huge difference in the way my skin feels and looks.

En el transcurso de unos meses, mi piel ha pasado por una cantidad sustancial de estrés y ahora se ha vuelto notable. Últimamente, he estado agregando algunos productos de Dove nuevos a mi rutina diaria y ya veo una gran diferencia en la forma en que se siente y se ve mi piel. 

June 29, 2021

Delish X Coca-Cola Feature

Happy Tuesday Trenders!! 
Omg! Something super cool happened and I couldn't wait to share the news. 

 So a few weeks ago one of my original recipes was picked-up by Delish and Coca-Cola. Today I'll be sharing the video and interview published on 

The task was to create an easy Summer recipe. I wanted to make my favorite Dominican street food (chimichurri sandwich) with a Bangladeshi twist. A perfect Summer sandwich that can be made indoors or out on the grill. I call it the 'Tandoori Chimi Sandwich'. This recipe was created in my kitchen, tested and approved by my kids. 
Hope you guys give it a try!


Feliz Martes Trenders !!
¡Dios mío! Algo genial sucedió y no podía esperar para compartir la noticia.

  Así que hace unas semanas, Delish y Coca-Cola recogieron una de mis recetas originales. Hoy compartiré el video y la entrevista publicados en

La tarea consistía en crear una receta de verano sencilla. Quería hacer mi comida callejera dominicana favorita (sándwich de chimichurri) con un toque bangladesí. Un sándwich de verano perfecto que se puede preparar en la cocina o en la parrilla. Esta receta fue creada en mi cocina, probada y aprobada por mis hijos. ¡Espero que lo prueben!

June 28, 2021

AQUA x Mary Katrantzou


It's a happy Monday, Trenders! Well, at least it is for our kids who are off school for the Summer.. haha!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 

See, the thing about my beloved New York City is that Winters are brutal and so are Summers. We're looking at 95 degrees this week.. which means it'll feel like its 100 degrees. I'm not a fan of Summer (sorry not sorry) but I do enjoy wearing cute little dresses like this one.

¡Es un feliz lunes, Trenders! Bueno, al menos lo es para nuestros niños que están fuera de la escuela durante el verano ... ¡jaja!
¡Espero que hayan tenido un fin de semana maravilloso!

Mira, lo que pasa con mi amada ciudad de Nueva York es que los inviernos son brutales y también los veranos. Estamos viendo 95 esta semana ... lo que significa que se sentirá como si estuviera a 100 grados. No soy fanática del verano (lo siento, no lo siento) pero disfruto usar vestidos lindos como este.

June 20, 2021

Happy Fathers Day!


Happy Fathers Day, Trenders!
Today, is the 'the day' we're suppose to celebrate dads in America. In my humble opinion that's total bs. Fathers Day just like Mothers Day should be every single day! Love should be spread equally for those who we care about all the time. But since today is 'an actual thing' I'll say a few words about the man of my dreams.

To Moe

I am the most fortunate wife and mother in the world. I'm blessed to be sharing a life with you. Coming from completely separate worlds, we somehow found a common ground to raise our wonderful children. Watching my kids enjoy the company of an incredible father who is selfless, is a privilege. I can't fully explain what you mean to all of us. I just want you to know we appreciate you, all that you do and all that you are. 
We love you yesterday, today and forever! Happy Fathers day my love!

June 11, 2021

At Home Gym Mural Reveal


Welcome back Trendy friends!!

Oh gosh!! I sound like 2011 Johnnybell.

Back when I first started blogging. Remember her? haha! 

I've missed chatting with you guys and sharing my crazy life. Not much has been seen on my social media accounts because lots has been happening in my personal life. That's usually how it works. I haven't had much peaceful time to write on the blog but then again after three kids, who has the time anyways?

Today, I made it an obligation to share this amazing news which many of you have been waiting awhile for! I promise to not tease you guys about it anymore. 

I am finally able to reveal my at-home-gym mural which I've been working on-and-off for months. This project was an idea that soon became a blessing in disguise and I'll tell you why. 

Prior to the pandemic my girls would get their physical activity from going into school. My husband, from commuting to work. Me in the other hand, as a stay-at-home mom, I had more flexibility in my schedule to go on daily walks, take James freely to the park and get physical activity by playing with him outdoors.

Once the pandemic hit, the schools closed and everything became remote, I felt stuck and unable to fully grasp what our lives would look like if I didn't take action. In desperation, I took the opportunity to convert our second garage into an at-home-gym. An easy escape right in our backyard.

May 16, 2021

Eid Mubarak!


Eid Mubarak to those who celebrate! 

 I spent Eid with husbands family and friends in an intimate setting enjoying delicious foods and desserts.
I wore the coolest two-piece dress from Dori Design Studio, a store/designer from Mumbai. This dress made me feel like such a princess :) Paired it with platform shoes by Atienne Aigner and a Saint Laurent Lou Camera bag in Quilted Leather (Blanc Vintage color).

May 4, 2021

Please Repeat, Happy Mothers Day!

Nothing could've prepared me for what becoming a mom was going to bring. Thirteen years ago I was clueless about many things and life was one of them. This ray of sunshine brought a whole new meaning of living into my life. For quite some time it was just us two, reading together, cooking together, playing together. It felt like time stood still and nothing else mattered but Jayleen. My entire world didn't revolve around her because SHE was my entire world. I didn't think this high could get any better until three years later I had my second child, Hazel. A courages, bubbly and energetic little girl who brought so much happiness into our lives. While growing up I always wanted sisters. My wish didn't come true until I turned thirteen and my mom had my youngest sister, which by then my dreams had changed. Having two daughters gave me a glimpse into what having a sister would be like, and it was beautiful, it is beautiful

Now, having my third child really shook me to my core. After years of failed attempts, James was born. Early in my pregnancy I dealt with complications, low self esteem and massive weight gain. Add the stress of social media and you have a hot mess. Overall, James brought unity in our lives. The kind that makes everything worth it. The kind that completes. 

See, with each of my kids I learned something. With Jayleen I learned friendship, with Hazel I learned patience and with James I learned strength. This makes me a better human and I'm still a work in progress

Motherhood for me means wisdom and strength. That's why often times I call myself 'Super Mom'. I believe all mothers are. We face challenges only we know how to defeat.

Becoming a mom has taught me that its ok to feel all emotions. It's a constant reminder we are all perfectly imperfect humans. This fortunate role has taught me patience, strength and most importantly trust. Trust that I'm doing an incredibly job at nurturing. & so are you.
Thank you universe for this opportunity and thank you children of mine for making me the luckiest woman on this earth. 

Happy Mothers day.

Nada podría haberme preparado para lo que iba a traer ser madre. Hace trece años no tenía ni idea de muchas cosas y la vida era una de ellas. Este rayo de sol trajo un significado completamente nuevo a mi vida. Durante bastante tiempo fuimos solo nosotras dos, leyendo juntas, cocinando juntas, jugando juntas. Se sentía como si el tiempo se detuviera y nada más importaba excepto Jayleen. Mi mundo entero no giraba en torno a ella porque ELLA era mi mundo entero. No pensé que este efecto podría mejorar hasta que tres años después tuve a mi segunda hija, Hazel. Una niña valiente, burbujeante y enérgica que trajo tanta felicidad a nuestras vidas. Mientras yo crecía, siempre quise hermanas. Mi deseo no se hizo realidad hasta que cumplí trece años y mi mamá tuvo a mi hermana menor, que para entonces mis sueños habían cambiado. Tener dos hijas me permitió vislumbrar cómo sería tener una hermana, y fue hermoso, ¡es hermoso! 

Ahora, tener mi tercer hijo realmente me estremeció hasta la médula. Después de años de intentos fallidos, nació James. Al principio de mi embarazo tuve que lidiar con complicaciones, baja autoestima y aumento de peso masivo. Agregue el estrés de las redes sociales y tendrá un desastre. En general, James trajo unidad a nuestras vidas. El tipo que hace que todo valga la pena. Del tipo que completa. 

 Mira, con cada uno de mis hijos aprendí algo. Con Jayleen aprendí la amistad, con Hazel aprendí la paciencia y con James aprendí la fuerza. Esto me hace un mejor ser humano y todavía soy un trabajo en progreso.

La maternidad para mí significa sabiduría y fuerza. Es por eso que muchas veces me llamo 'Súper Mamá'. Creo que todas las madres lo son. Enfrentamos desafíos que solo nosotros sabemos cómo vencer. Ser mamá me ha enseñado que está bien permitirse sentir todo tipo de emociones. Es un recordatorio constante de que todos somos humanos perfectamente imperfectos. Este papel afortunado me ha enseñado la paciencia, la fuerza y, lo más importante, la confianza. Confíe en que estoy haciendo un trabajo increíble en la crianza. y tú también. Gracias universo por esta oportunidad y gracias hijos míos por convertirme en la mujer más afortunada de esta tierra. Feliz día de la madre.

April 26, 2021

Kid-friendly hiking tips

Hiking for those unfamiliar can seem challenging specially if traveling with young kids. As a mom of three who has hiked, camped, and biked with all three kids I can attest all you need is good preparation.

I'm going to start by sharing an application and website I have found very helpful when planning a hike. It's called AllTrails. This app/website gives you the best trails for hiking, mountain biking, wheelchair friendly, dog friendly, trail running, road biking, camping, scenic driving, walking, kid friendly, stroller friendly, off road driving (which we're doing next), rock climbing and so many more. They really cater to everyones needs which is why all my friends and family use it to plan any outdoor activities. No, this isn't sponsored! I just know you will all find it useful and love it as much as I do.

While writing this I remembered the first time I took my kids hiking. 20 minutes in, one of them simply refused to move because they were exhausted of walking! Just walking! This showed how much they needed physical movement. & listen, I know how hard it can be. We all start somewhere. The goal is to make it a lifestyle and never give up. Of course,  having the correct equipment helps with how enjoyable the hike turns out to be. After learning the hard way we are now able to hike for hours without a problem (well, most of us). 

Priority number one should be to make sure everyone eats before leaving the house! You can go to the most beautiful picture perfect place with hungry kids and I guarantee you will instantly regret it. Kids get easily annoyed and grumpy when hungry as many adults do. The difference is that most kids aren't as resilient as adults and if under the sun this makes things worse. So eat before heading out.

If you're hiking with toddlers I recommend bringing a bright colored water bottle as it encourages drinking. Hydration is super important while being out in the sun. For small kids you don't need hiking boots. Sneakers are perfectly fine. Specially if they will be sitting in a carrier.

James typically sits during half of the trail in his Thule Elite Sapling Carrier and the other half on foot exploring. Keep in mind how far you'll be going so you don't end up carrying your sleepy toddler all the way back. I speak from experience, it's not fun!

Last Summer when visiting Bass Pro Shops we all got a pair of Columbia hiking boots. They have been the foundation of each trip and I think the ultimate essential. Visiting an REI store or any other outdoor store will be a great start. I recommend trying on the shoes before purchasing as sizes run differently with each brand and since you'll be walking for awhile finding the right shoe is very important.

While there, be sure to pick up a good jacket to keep you warm while on the hike. No matter how warm it may be during the day, when the sun goes down temperatures drop and you want to be prepared. 
One of my favorite brands for camping and hiking gear is Eddie Bauer. My girls and I all have their waterproof reversible jackets which are so comfortable.

Moving on to sun protection. That means packing sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, and sun protective clothes as you'll be exposed to the sun the entire time (if not cloudy).

Traveling anywhere with kids requires a backpack. If you can find a good quality and durable one even better! I love my Maya Backpack in Mint Chip by Go Dash Dot. It's not your ordinary hiking backpack, it's definitely more fashionable but works well. If you are into more of a traditional hiking backpack REI has a great selection.

Caminar para aquellos que no están familiarizados puede parecer un desafío, especialmente si viaja con niños pequeños. Como madre de tres hijos que ha caminado, acampado y andado en bicicleta con los tres niños, puedo dar fe de que todo lo que necesita es una buena preparación.

Comenzaré compartiendo una aplicación y un sitio web que me han resultado muy útiles a la hora de planificar una caminata. Se llama AllTrails. Esta aplicación / sitio web le brinda los mejores senderos para caminatas, ciclismo de montaña, para correr, andar en bicicleta por carretera, acampar, escalada en roca y muchos más. Realmente satisfacen las necesidades de todos, por lo que todos mis amigos y familiares lo usan para planificar cualquier actividad al aire libre. ¡No, esto no está patrocinado! Solo sé que todos lo encontrarán útil y lo amarán tanto como a mí.

Mientras escribía esto, recordé la primera vez que llevé a mis hijos a caminar. A los 20 minutos, ¡uno de ellos simplemente se negó a moverse porque estaba cansado de caminar! ¡Solo caminando! Esto mostró cuánto necesitaban movimiento físico. Y escucha, sé lo difícil que puede ser. Todos empezamos por alguna parte. El objetivo es convertirlo en un estilo de vida y nunca rendirse. Por supuesto, tener el equipo correcto ayuda a que la caminata resulte agradable. Después de aprender por las malas, ahora podemos caminar durante horas sin ningún problema (bueno, la mayoría de nosotros).

¡La prioridad número uno debe ser asegurarse de que todos coman antes de salir de casa! Puedes ir al lugar perfecto con la imagen más hermosa con niños hambrientos y te garantizo que te arrepentirás instantáneamente. Los niños se enojan fácilmente y se ponen de mal humor cuando tienen hambre, como lo hacen muchos adultos. La diferencia es que la mayoría de los niños no son tan resistentes como los adultos y si están bajo el sol, esto empeora las cosas. Así que come antes de salir.

Si va de excursión con niños pequeños, le recomiendo traer una botella de agua de colores brillantes, ya que fomenta la bebida. La hidratación es muy importante mientras estás al sol. Para los niños pequeños no necesitas botas de montaña. Los tenis están perfectamente bien. Especialmente si estarán sentados en un portaequipajes.

James normalmente se sienta durante la mitad del recorrido en su Thule Elite Sapling Carrier y la otra mitad a pie explorando. Tenga en cuenta lo lejos que irá para no terminar cargando a su niño pequeño con sueño todo el camino de regreso. Hablo por experiencia, ¡no es divertido!

El verano pasado, cuando visitamos Bass Pro Shops, todos obtuvimos un par de botas de montaña Columbia. Han sido la base de cada viaje y creo que lo más esencial. Visitar una tienda REI o cualquier otra tienda al aire libre será un gran comienzo. Recomiendo probarse los zapatos antes de comprarlos, ya que los tamaños varían de acuerdo con cada marca y, dado que caminará por un tiempo, encontrar el zapato adecuado es muy importante.

Mientras esté allí, asegúrese de recoger una buena chaqueta para mantenerse abrigado durante la caminata. No importa lo cálido que haga durante el día, cuando cae el sol las temperaturas bajan y quieres estar preparado.
Una de mis marcas favoritas de equipo de camping y senderismo es Eddie Bauer. Mis chicas y yo tenemos sus chaquetas impermeables reversibles que son muy cómodas.

Pasando a la protección solar. Eso significa empacar gafas de sol, sombreros, bloqueador solar y ropa de protección solar, ya que estará expuesto al sol todo el tiempo (si no está nublado).

Viajar a cualquier lugar con niños requiere una mochila. ¡Si puede encontrar uno de buena calidad y duradero, aún mejor! Me encanta mi mochila Maya en Mint Chip de Go Dash Dot. No es tu mochila normal, definitivamente está más de moda pero funciona bien. Si te gusta más una mochila de senderismo tradicional, REI tiene una gran selección.

April 19, 2021

Luxury at home with Creed


Now that we're all spending so much time at home, It's important to build a space we love and enjoy.
This signifies having a clean space that smells amazing.

As a world-class leader in fragrance, Creed is sure to help you create a space that feels like home with a touch of luxury.
Ahora que todos pasamos tanto tiempo en casa, es importante construir un espacio que amamos y disfrutamos. Esto significa tener un espacio limpio que huele increíble.

Como líder de clase mundial en fragancias, Creed seguramente lo ayudará a crear un espacio que se sienta como un hogar con un toque de lujo.

April 5, 2021

Spring Ready | Anthropologie


I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Weekend. 
Over the weekend we celebrated Hazel's 10th birthday! It's definitely bittersweet. My little girl is now double digits. See more from her birthday celebration on my Instagram.

Last month I attended an exclusive virtual event hosted by Vogue and Anthropologie
On the hour long call an Anthropology stylist shared some upcoming Spring/Summer trends while introducing the new collection from Anthropologie. We talked color, prints and textures.

 After the event I was lucky enough to select one of the new pieces and this is the one I chose. 
This Solaris Maxi dress with ruffle straps is a super fun print and incredibly comfortable. What makes the dress enjoyable is the flowyness and the elasticity on the upper area. Today I'm styling it with a Bonobos blazer that I stole from Moe's closet. Oversized blazers have always been a favorite trend of mine through all seasons. 

When styling shoes with a pattern dress I like selecting the least noticeable color on the dress. In this case I went with orange and my Flor de Maria shoes paired perfectly to balance the look out. For eye accessories I chose my Miu Miu sunglasses that my best friend Maria gifted me for my birthday. To continue the pop of orange I added an orange clutch and gold accessories.

Espero que todas hayan tenido un maravilloso fin de semana de Pascua.
¡Durante el fin de semana celebramos el cumpleaños de Hazel! Definitivamente es agridulce. Mi niña ahora tiene dos dígitos, 10! Vea más de la celebración de su cumpleaños en mi Instagram.

El mes pasado asistí a un evento virtual exclusivo organizado por Vogue y Anthropologie.
En la llamada de una hora, un estilista de Anthropologie compartió algunas de las próximas tendencias de primavera / verano mientras presentaba la nueva colección de Anthropologie. Hablamos de color, estampados y texturas.

 Después del evento tuve la suerte de seleccionar una de las nuevas piezas y esta es la que elegí.
Este vestido Solaris Maxi con tirantes con volantes es un estampado súper divertido e increíblemente cómodo. Lo que hace que el vestido sea agradable es la fluidez y la elasticidad en la zona superior. Hoy lo voy a estilar con un blazer Bonobos que robé del armario de mi esposo. Los blazers de gran tamaño siempre han sido una de mis tendencias favoritas en todas las temporadas.

Cuando estilo zapatos con un vestido estampado, me gusta seleccionar el color que menos se note en el vestido. En este caso elegí el color naranja y mis zapatos de Flor de Maria combinaron a la perfección para equilibrar el look. Para los accesorios para los ojos elegí mis gafas de sol Miu Miu que mi mejor amiga María me regaló para mi cumpleaños. Para continuar con el toque de naranja, agregué un bolso de mano naranja y accesorios color oro.


March 21, 2021

Music to Listen to this Week

This week I've been having Camilo's new album called 'Mis Manos' on repeat!
I was on the edge of my seat after watching his performance on Jimmy Fallon a few days ago. 
If you're not familiar, Camilo Echeverry is a Colombian singer, songwriter and record producer. He is signed with Sony Latin records and has been my favorite spanish artist for as long as I can remember. 

Most recently he's been pretty popular here in America.. and to that I say: About time!! 
Yes his music is great but if you get a chance, listen to his songs acoustic. Your heart will 1000x melt.  

Here's his new album ( rated by favorites )

2. Mareado 
6.  Rolex

Here are a few old favorite songs from Camilo.

March 11, 2021

Visiting the American Museum of Natural History


Upper West Side of Manhattan
200 Central Park West, New York, NY 10024

Wednesday - Sunday 10am - 5:30pm
Monday and Tuesday CLOSED


Every New Yorker is currently celebrating warmer weather and by warmer I mean mid-50's. Can you blame us? It's been the longest Winter in history! At least it feels like it, specially for our kids. Which is why I've been taking full advantage of each warm day we get.

Last week I took my family to the American Museum of Natural History (one of my daughters favorite Museums in the city). We have been supporting the Museum for over 12 years and I wanted James to reach a good age to visit as well. He's in love with dinosaurs! James favorite dinosaur is the Tyrannosaurus better known as T-Rex. Coincidently The American Museum of Natural History has a new T-Rex on display until March 14th. Tickets are still available for today and tomorrow only. Unfortunately, tickets are sold out for this weekend. If you have a dinosaur lover I highly recommend taking them to see this.

This is one of the best Covid-friendly New York City activities for the entire family.

Todos los neoyorquinos celebran actualmente un clima más cálido y por más cálido me refiero a mediados de los 50. ¿Puedes culparnos? ¡Ha sido el invierno más largo de la historia! Al menos se siente así, especialmente para nuestros hijos. Por eso he aprovechado al máximo cada día cálido que tenemos.

La semana pasada llevé a mi familia al American Museum of Natural History (uno de los museos favoritos de mis hijas en la ciudad). Hemos estado apoyando al Museo durante más de 12 años y queríamos que James llegara a una buena edad para visitarlo también. Está enamorado de los dinosaurios. El dinosaurio favorito de James es el Tyrannosaurus, más conocido como T-Rex. Coincidentemente, el Museo Americano de Historia Natural tiene un nuevo T-Rex en exhibición hasta el 14 de Marzo. Los boletos todavía están disponibles para hoy y mañana solamente. Desafortunadamente, las entradas están agotadas para este fin de semana. Si tienes un amante de los dinosaurios, te recomiendo que lo lleves a ver esto.

Esta es una de las mejores actividades de la ciudad de Nueva York amigables con Covid para toda la familia.

March 1, 2021

New from Van Leeuwen Ice Cream


Van Leeuwen Ice Cream is one of my favorite ice-cream brands (no surprise there). If you follow me on social media you know that my family frequents their Williamsburg store ( 204 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249 ) almost every other week. 

That being the case, I am so excited to share that Van Leeuwen Ice Cream just launched 6 brand new flavors in brand new forms. Each box comes with 4 individually wrapped ice cream bars.


February 9, 2021

Valentines with Creed

The House of Creed has partnered with Compartés Chocolate to present Love Notes, a collection of chocolate bars that call to mind-hand-written letters; the kind that capture and excite feelings, emotions, and memories through the senses. Scent is the most powerful trigger of emotions-evoking an undeniable connection with the top, heart, and base notes of fragrance. 

These chocolate bars inspired by Creeds beloved universal scents: Aventus Cologne, Millésime Impérial, and Silver Mountain Water. They will be available as a gift with purchase with any purchase of a full-size fragrance at the Creed Boutiques and on their website beginning Feb 4th (while supplies last).

#CreedXCompartes @CreedBoutique