June 11, 2021

At Home Gym Mural Reveal


Welcome back Trendy friends!!

Oh gosh!! I sound like 2011 Johnnybell.

Back when I first started blogging. Remember her? haha! 

I've missed chatting with you guys and sharing my crazy life. Not much has been seen on my social media accounts because lots has been happening in my personal life. That's usually how it works. I haven't had much peaceful time to write on the blog but then again after three kids, who has the time anyways?

Today, I made it an obligation to share this amazing news which many of you have been waiting awhile for! I promise to not tease you guys about it anymore. 

I am finally able to reveal my at-home-gym mural which I've been working on-and-off for months. This project was an idea that soon became a blessing in disguise and I'll tell you why. 

Prior to the pandemic my girls would get their physical activity from going into school. My husband, from commuting to work. Me in the other hand, as a stay-at-home mom, I had more flexibility in my schedule to go on daily walks, take James freely to the park and get physical activity by playing with him outdoors.

Once the pandemic hit, the schools closed and everything became remote, I felt stuck and unable to fully grasp what our lives would look like if I didn't take action. In desperation, I took the opportunity to convert our second garage into an at-home-gym. An easy escape right in our backyard.


Often times I get asked how I stay in shape after three kids and the answer is simple.. "when I decided to make fitness a lifestyle". I'm currently reaping the benefits of all the years of hard work. Thats what you're seeing.

I wasn't always this active or enthusiastic about working out. After having an incredibly complicated pregnancy where in the first trimester I was in bed rest, gained over 60 pounds and was in the worst mental and physical state of my life.. I was certain things could only get better from there. 

I've always believed change begins with each of us. & a few months after giving birth to my rainbow son, James, I became committed to overfilling my cup in order to pour into others. I began the journey to become the best mom, friend, daughter and sister I could be. All it takes is baby steps. It's not something that happens over night but rather its a pleasant journey that will lead you to the best version of you. I'm still here, learning each day how to be a better human. The physical aspect is just one piece of the puzzle. 


Let's get into the backstory..

If you follow me on social media you might remember I was in Miami back in April for my best friends wedding. The wedding was held at a beautiful venue in Wynwood called MAPS Backlot

While there I visited Wynwood Walls, an awesome space for graffiti and street art. After returning from our trip I started noticing street art more and more. While the garage was being constructed I knew I wanted mirrors in the space but didn't know what I wanted to do with one big o'l wall I had there. & then I thought, how cool would it be if I had a big bright mural just like Wynwood Walls! 

That's when the search began. Initially, I wanted to paint the mural myself. Perhaps with the help of a few family and friends. Then I became curious about hiring an awesome artist who would get it done in no-time. All these ideas came and went but nothing stuck.. not up until I posted on my instagram account that I was looking for a graffiti artist to create a mural for my at-home-gym. So many people sent me awesome recommendations but they didn't fit the style I wanted to create. Then I heard about this guy who goes by the name Mike STYLEZ. Not only was he recommended by a friend but he was also available to come in for a quote the following day. Prior to him coming by I scooped some of his work and was really excited to be working with such a talented guy.  

On the first visit we chatted about what I wanted, the inspiration behind it, what colors I envisioned,  deadlines, I asked a little bit about his background and when he would be able to start. At this point I knew he was the perfect person to tackle this project. Took him one week to send me the first round of digital samples. After agreeing to one, he started the wall!

One of my favorite things about my job is connecting with skillful individuals, like Mike. A dad of two and professional B-Boy (breakdancer) who's style is so versatile, he can practically do it all! So if you ever need someone to spice-up your wall.. he's the man for it! For inquires please reach out to Mike via DM ( @nastyones ) or email nastyonesnyc@gmail (dot) com


Why did you choose the quote "Believe you can and you will"?

A few weeks back, I was at a parking lot with my daughter, Jayleen. Next to me was an elderly woman trying to pack two carts full of groceries in the trunk of her 2020 Nissan Versa. She was mumbling about how to fit all the items in her car, I overheard and offered to help. As I helped her out I spontaneously said, "See, believe you can and you will!" For some reason that stuck with me and became my life motto. 

I started saying that every time I encountered an obstacle, every time my daughter Hazel would pick up her bicycle and would get frustrated about not being able to balance, and one day while riding in SoulCycle my instructor shouted that phase when I was at my breaking point.. and I made it through. This was the moment I realized "Believe you can and you will," was more than just words to me. I knew this was what I wanted to see every single day I stepped into my gym. I needed this to be embedded in my children's minds. Every time we were near giving up, I needed that reminder there, staring at us in the face. Bold. Bright. Beautiful! 


This space means so much to me. I cannot put into words the way reading this mural makes me feel.

"Believe you can and you will"

It's a powerful reminder that it's within us to make all our dreams and goals come true.

My vision was brought to life and I don't think I'll ever be able to repay Mike for this piece of art that isn't only benefiting me but everyone who reads it. Thank you!


Creating art is not just a passion for Mike Stylez, it's an inborn talent. From painting stick figures in grade school to expressing himself on canvas during live art events, the Brentwood, Long Island native's work has always showcased a personal touch. Mike, a follower of artists like Basquiat and Justin Bua, draws upon his worldly experiences--he's traveled to foreign locales such as Mexico, Australia, Belgium, Africa, France, England, and Scotland--and the influences of music, street culture, family and friends to create larger-than-life pieces.


Described as modern with an urban pop twist,  Stylez's artscapes rarely feature just one medium--he blends the use of spray paint, deco markers, pastels and acrylics. The vast techniques the 40-year-old artist utilizes stems from the graffiti walls he first saw as a youth. "I did my first real graffiti wall when I was 13," says Mike, who notes graf artists Cope, Siege, Dez and Skeme as influences. "But through it all I always stuck to canvas because I wasn't raised to vandalize people's property."

Mike, a professional B-boy since 1998, has emerged himself in the art scene after gaining inspiration on the road. Besides participating in local New York City art shows and mastering commissioned works for DJ Jazzy Jeff, Former NFL player Larry Johnson; among others and his commissioned mural work, Mike Stylez displays his other creative talents with The Cypher Academy, A hip Hop focused camp where he teaches children the fundamentals of Graffiti and creative design company Nasty Ones.i


For inquires please reach out to Mike via DM ( @nastyones ) or email nastyonesnyc@gmail (dot) com

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