June 18, 2019

Staying At A Farmhouse | Blind Buck Valley Farmstead


I remember starting my blog in December 2011 and wanting to write about everything! I wrote about my weekly meals, random facts about me, weekend getaways, I highlighted my favorite places around the city, new makeup finds and so much more. I was a little more excited about things as anything ‘new’ usually is. As the years went by and companies started reaching out and wanting to work with me I noticed I started prioritizing those campaigns more than my non-paid ones. Believe me, it pains me to admit it but it’s true. & it’s not only me. I see it happening everywhere.. on blogs, on youtube and on instagram. As annoying as it seems, I wish more people understood that this is my full time gig. This is my actual job.. You know, how I pay bills and stuff. So in a way, I do have to prioritize paid opportunities. Y'all get me right!?

Now, that James is a little older (he’ll be one next week!) I have a little more time to write on the blog, pick up my old hobby of taking photos/ filming videos and simply sharing more of my families every day life. So If you had been wishing for more travel adventours I have great news! Today’s post is not a paid one.. but I did team up with Blind Buck Valley Farmstead to share my experience staying at their property. This was the second time we stayed there.