July 19, 2023



Life has been pretty peaceful lately, and I'm actually enjoying it that way. I've been minding my own business, building those precious friendships that last a lifetime, and cherishing those heartwarming moments with my children. It's unbelievable, but by the age of 32, I've got everything I ever wanted – a loving family, great relationships with everyone around me, a cozy home I can call my own, and a cute little puppy that brings me so much joy. It's the little things in life that mean the most to me and fill my heart with happiness.

When I started this blog 12 years ago, it was all about sharing my interests in beauty, fashion, and food. But now, it's become my sacred place to vent, just like a personal diary. I'm genuinely grateful to each one of you who reads and follows along.

You know, there are times when we might feel small, like we don't really matter. Then, out of the blue, someone sends you a message, and it changes everything. It reminds me that our connections and the impact we make on others do matter, no matter how seemingly small.

So, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of my journey, for reading and supporting me. Your presence makes a difference in my life, and I can't thank you enough. Let's keep finding joy in the little things and continue this journey together!

July 6, 2023

Welcome home, Hunter!


It seems like we can't get a break from all these new apps and technologies. A few months ago it was Tiktok, then Chatgpt and now Threads. If you ask anyone they will agree, it's too much too soon. The thing I love the most is that I get to call this blog my home. No matter what I will always update you guys about my life on here.

and speaking of...

It still feels like I'm dreaming and it's only been a few weeks (inserts heart eye emoji*). 
We are over the moon with our new puppy and wanted to officially introduce the newest member of our family, Hunter. Omg! Look at his adorable little face! He's a German Shorthaired Pointer otherwise known as a hunting dog. It's our dream puppy and I can't believe we get to call him ours. 

We drove all the way to Pennsylvania to pick him up and the 4+ hours were so worth it.

To give you a back story: a couple of weeks ago my husband, Moe and daughter, Hazel were briefly talking about getting a pet. They browsed online and found a potential candidate. I paid absolutely no attention to it since Moe has always said he is allergic to dogs. The possibility of getting a dog was 0 to none... so I thought. He kept in touch with the owner for about one week. She sent him photos and videos and as time went on, Moe and Hazel fell in love with the puppy without even meeting him. On Father's Day we woke up around 6am due to Moe not being able to sleep thinking about the puppy (I wish I was making this up). He insisted we needed to drive down to get him even though we were scheduled to pick him up July 5th, he just couldn't wait! Boy am I glad that was the case.

Growing up I had dogs, birds and reptiles. Moe in the other hand had a cat. As a married couple we've only owned a white siamese cat who found a better home back in 2017. Like I said previously, the idea of becoming pet owners was the last thing on my mind right now. I also feel like the best things for us come at an unexpected time. It's always unplanned but ends up being what fills our hearts with an abundance of love. That's what Hunter is to our family. 

In my son Jame's own words 
"Our family is now completed"


Parece que no podemos descansar de todas estas nuevas aplicaciones y tecnologías. Hace unos meses fue Tiktok, luego Chatgpt y ahora Threads. Si le preguntas a alguien, estará de acuerdo, es demasiado y demasiado pronto. Lo que más me gusta es que puedo llamar a este blog mi hogar. Pase lo que pase, siempre los actualizaré sobre mi vida aquí.

y hablando de...

Todavía se siente como si estuviera soñando y solo han pasado unas pocas semanas (inserta emoji de ojo de corazón *). Estamos en la luna con nuestro nuevo cachorro y queríamos presentar oficialmente al miembro más nuevo de nuestra familia, Hunter. ¡Dios mío! ¡Mira su adorable carita! Es un braco alemán de pelo corto, también conocido como perro de caza. Es el cachorro de nuestros sueños y no puedo creer que podamos llamarlo nuestro.

Condujimos hasta Pensilvania para recogerlo y las más de 4 horas valieron la pena.

Para darle una historia de fondo: hace un par de semanas, mi esposo, Moe, y mi hija, Hazel, hablaron brevemente sobre tener una mascota. Navegaron en el internet y encontraron un candidato potencial. No le presté absolutamente ninguna atención ya que Moe siempre ha dicho que es alérgico a los perros. La posibilidad de conseguir un perro era de 0 a ninguna... eso pensé. Se mantuvo en contacto con el propietario durante aproximadamente una semana. Ella le envió fotos y videos y, con el paso del tiempo, Moe y Hazel se enamoraron del cachorro sin siquiera conocerlo. El Día del Padre nos despertamos alrededor de las 6 a.m. debido a que mi esposo, Moe no podía dormir pensando en el cachorro (ojalá me lo estuviera inventando). Insistió en que necesitábamos conducir para recogerlo a pesar de que estábamos programados para recogerlo el 5 de julio, ¡simplemente no podía esperar! Chicas, me alegro de que ese fuera el caso.

Al crecer tuve perros, pájaros y reptiles. Moe, por otro lado, tenía un gato. Como pareja casada, solo hemos tenido un gato siamés blanco que encontró un hogar mejor en 2017. Como dije anteriormente, la idea de convertirme en dueña de una mascota era lo último que tenía en mente en este momento. También siento que las mejores cosas para nosotros llegan en un momento inesperado. Siempre es imprevisto, pero termina siendo lo que llena nuestros corazones con abundancia de amor. Eso es lo que Hunter es para nuestra familia.

En las propias palabras de mi hijo James
"Nuestra familia ahora está completa"