June 29, 2021

Delish X Coca-Cola Feature

Happy Tuesday Trenders!! 
Omg! Something super cool happened and I couldn't wait to share the news. 

 So a few weeks ago one of my original recipes was picked-up by Delish and Coca-Cola. Today I'll be sharing the video and interview published on Delish.com 

The task was to create an easy Summer recipe. I wanted to make my favorite Dominican street food (chimichurri sandwich) with a Bangladeshi twist. A perfect Summer sandwich that can be made indoors or out on the grill. I call it the 'Tandoori Chimi Sandwich'. This recipe was created in my kitchen, tested and approved by my kids. 
Hope you guys give it a try!


Feliz Martes Trenders !!
¡Dios mío! Algo genial sucedió y no podía esperar para compartir la noticia.

  Así que hace unas semanas, Delish y Coca-Cola recogieron una de mis recetas originales. Hoy compartiré el video y la entrevista publicados en Delish.com.

La tarea consistía en crear una receta de verano sencilla. Quería hacer mi comida callejera dominicana favorita (sándwich de chimichurri) con un toque bangladesí. Un sándwich de verano perfecto que se puede preparar en la cocina o en la parrilla. Esta receta fue creada en mi cocina, probada y aprobada por mis hijos. ¡Espero que lo prueben!

June 28, 2021

AQUA x Mary Katrantzou


It's a happy Monday, Trenders! Well, at least it is for our kids who are off school for the Summer.. haha!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 

See, the thing about my beloved New York City is that Winters are brutal and so are Summers. We're looking at 95 degrees this week.. which means it'll feel like its 100 degrees. I'm not a fan of Summer (sorry not sorry) but I do enjoy wearing cute little dresses like this one.

¡Es un feliz lunes, Trenders! Bueno, al menos lo es para nuestros niños que están fuera de la escuela durante el verano ... ¡jaja!
¡Espero que hayan tenido un fin de semana maravilloso!

Mira, lo que pasa con mi amada ciudad de Nueva York es que los inviernos son brutales y también los veranos. Estamos viendo 95 esta semana ... lo que significa que se sentirá como si estuviera a 100 grados. No soy fanática del verano (lo siento, no lo siento) pero disfruto usar vestidos lindos como este.

June 20, 2021

Happy Fathers Day!


Happy Fathers Day, Trenders!
Today, is the 'the day' we're suppose to celebrate dads in America. In my humble opinion that's total bs. Fathers Day just like Mothers Day should be every single day! Love should be spread equally for those who we care about all the time. But since today is 'an actual thing' I'll say a few words about the man of my dreams.

To Moe

I am the most fortunate wife and mother in the world. I'm blessed to be sharing a life with you. Coming from completely separate worlds, we somehow found a common ground to raise our wonderful children. Watching my kids enjoy the company of an incredible father who is selfless, is a privilege. I can't fully explain what you mean to all of us. I just want you to know we appreciate you, all that you do and all that you are. 
We love you yesterday, today and forever! Happy Fathers day my love!

June 11, 2021

At Home Gym Mural Reveal


Welcome back Trendy friends!!

Oh gosh!! I sound like 2011 Johnnybell.

Back when I first started blogging. Remember her? haha! 

I've missed chatting with you guys and sharing my crazy life. Not much has been seen on my social media accounts because lots has been happening in my personal life. That's usually how it works. I haven't had much peaceful time to write on the blog but then again after three kids, who has the time anyways?

Today, I made it an obligation to share this amazing news which many of you have been waiting awhile for! I promise to not tease you guys about it anymore. 

I am finally able to reveal my at-home-gym mural which I've been working on-and-off for months. This project was an idea that soon became a blessing in disguise and I'll tell you why. 

Prior to the pandemic my girls would get their physical activity from going into school. My husband, from commuting to work. Me in the other hand, as a stay-at-home mom, I had more flexibility in my schedule to go on daily walks, take James freely to the park and get physical activity by playing with him outdoors.

Once the pandemic hit, the schools closed and everything became remote, I felt stuck and unable to fully grasp what our lives would look like if I didn't take action. In desperation, I took the opportunity to convert our second garage into an at-home-gym. An easy escape right in our backyard.