April 26, 2017

Black Never Goes Out of Style

shirt: Express  |  jacket: Urban Outfitters  |  skirt: Silver Jeans  |  hat: Gap |  boots: Dumond  |  bag: Etienne Aigner

After doing my Spring cleaning last month I was able to get rid of a lot of stuff. Everything but what I intended to get rid of in the first place. I can't seem to let go of all my dark clothing pieces. Getting rid of my black pieces would be like loosing apart of me. I'll let you in on a little secret; when I was 12-13 years old I was full blown gothic. My mother thought I was crazy, poor woman. Black everything (literally). & believe it or not I still own pieces from those times (hoarder, I know). I'm just glad I grew out of it. Now let's keep that between us. 

April 25, 2017

Adirondack Mountains | Glampinghub

I'm so excited to finally share this post with those of you searching for adventure this Spring/Summer.
 Two weeks ago I visited Wilmington New York near Adirondack Mountains for the very first time curtesy of Glamping Hub. My family booked a stay at a beautiful rustic log chalet cabin facing the Whiteface Mountains. I was also able to share the weekend with my good friends Maria and Daniel. Our objective, to relax.

April 20, 2017

Stay Motivated


New content!! Can somebody say AMEN!
Ugh. I've been stuck in a rut lately and have finally gotten out of it. Want to know how? I put in a good workout this morning. It's insane how good working out can make you feel. Mentally, physically and emotionally.

I've been traveling back-to-back since January. I went from Florida to Bahamas (6 days), then the week after to Miami (3 days), then two weeks after to Orlando (Disney) and then a few weeks after that to Mexico (3 days). I'm not even including all the weekend trips my family and I do (Kalahari, Vermont, etc). I know it isn't an excuse, there truly is NO excuse to not exercising and taking care of your body. Yet, after getting back from my latest trip to Wilmington, NY (near the Adirondack Mountains) I haven't been able to find any motivation to get back on track, none at all. Until today. See more on my insta-story.
¡¡Nuevo contenido!! ¿Puede alguien decir AMEN!
Ugh. He estado atrapada en una mala rutina últimamente y finalmente he salido de ella. ¿Quieres saber cómo? Hice un buen entrenamiento esta mañana. Es una locura lo bien que te hace sentir hacer ejercicio. Mentalmente, físicamente y emocionalmente.

He estado viajando sin parar desde Enero. Fui de Florida a Bahamas (6 días), luego la semana después a Miami (3 días), luego dos semanas después a Disney World, después a México (3 días). Ni siquiera estoy incluyendo todos los viajes de fin de semana que mi familia y yo hacemos. Sé que no es una excusa, realmente no hay excusa para no hacer ejercicio y cuidar de su cuerpo. Sin embargo, después de volver de mi último viaje a Wilmington, Nueva York (cerca de las montañas Adirondack) no e podido encontrar ninguna motivación para volver a la hacer ejercicios, ninguno en absoluto. Hasta hoy. Pueden ver mas en mi insta-story.

April 15, 2017

One World Observatory


There's no better time to visit the One World Observatory than right now. I'm sharing a very special Spring break offer for your entire family to enjoy the 360 degree views of New York City. I'm offering the Family Four Pack, which is 4 standard admission tickets, two adults and two children. All you have to do is buy your tickets using this link here. Continue reading to read all about our first visit.

No hay mejor momento para visitar el One World Observatory que ahora mismo. Estoy compartiendo una oferta especial para que toda su familia pueda disfrutar de las vistas increíbles de la ciudad de Nueva York. Estoy ofreciendo el paquete de familia que es de 4 entradas, dos adultos y dos niños. Todo lo que tienes que hacer es comprar tus entradas usando este enlace aquí. Continúe leyendo para leer todo sobre mi experiencia con mi familia.

April 10, 2017

Caribbean Food in Brooklyn

I've been raving about Pearls ever since I discovered it last year. Hands down my most favorite Caribbean spot in Williamsburg. I wanted to refresh your memory just in case you were looking for a tropical getaway (in NY). Just stop by this hidden gem for a great island taste, island music and overall a great time. If you missed my last post talking about Pearls check it out here.

April 6, 2017

Ruchki da Nozhki / New Nail Salon in Brooklyn

Last weekend my friend Maria and I needed some 'girl time' and ended up visiting this cool new nail lounge in Brooklyn called Ruchki da Nozhki which means little hands and feet in Russian (located on: 381 Atlantic Avenue, Boerum Hill, Brooklyn). From the minute we walked-in it was relaxation mode. From the classical music playing in the background, the soothing color walls, the beautiful succulents around the entire space and the sweet staff. One thing I instantly noticed was the unique scent in the room. It smelled clean and fresh. Certainly not your typical 'nail salon' smell. This is due to each station being equipped with a build-in exhaust system that absorbs fumes, vapor, and nail dust. This was a huge plus for me since I'm always with my daughters. Apart from nails services Ruchki da Nozhki also offers waxing services. & did I mention they also use all natural products.

The first question I received when I sat down for my pedicure was 'What would you like to drink?". & from that moment on I knew it was going to be a good time. My manicure and pedicure turned out better than I expected. & the extra massage wasn't too shabby.

The service was exceptional. I look forward to going back.

April 3, 2017

Best Way to Pack for a Vacation


Let's be real ladies, I really dislike packing for vacations.. & don't get me started with unpacking!

I just returned from Mexico and packing for my 3 day trip was easier than ever due to the following tricks. If you are subscribed to my Youtube channel then you have already seen this on my cruise vacation video last month. If you're not subscribed.. please do so here

I sometimes have OCD when it comes to organizing and just finding things when I travel. This is specially the case if I'm traveling with my family. It's 100 times easier to know what to wear and when to wear it if everything is nice and organized. One of the things I do before a vacation is visit my local pharmacy and buy empty small containers. In these containers I put shampoo, lotions, night creams, cleansers, moisturizer, etc. I love doing this because I don't have to bring along the entire container of each product which can result in overweight luggage.