March 17, 2020

Free Meals by sweetgreen

I'm so incredibly proud to announce that sweetgreen is providing free sg salads + bowls to hospital staff in the cities they serve. This is an amazing initiative as we all need to take care of our medical personnel who are doing and an incredibly job during these times. 

March 15, 2020

We Are All In This Together

As I hop out of my daily epsom salt + lavender bath,  I get an uncontrollable urge to write. That might be because I haven't done it in a while or maybe because I've been on social media way too much these past few days. 

I know by now we have all seen what is going on in the world about COVID-19 and I can't help but feel overwhelmed with the outpour of information provided by everyone.

I admit to getting caught up with sharing memes on instagram, tweets and snaps. As much as I was doing all this to spread information to everyone I also feel like it's my responsibility as an influencer to help you stay calm during these stressful times. 

This short post is to remind you to take deep breaths. Take a break to be home with your family. We need to be mindful of everyones health at this time. With that said,  you can still support your local restaurants/shops by ordering out. Here are some of my favorites.

they support refugees and asylum seekers )

During this break i'll be home as much as possible catching up on my favorite shows and reading The 7 1/2 Deaths Of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton. Stay safe guys and remember to wash your hands. 

March 10, 2020

What you Should Know Before Your First Acupuncture

9 East 4th Street
New York, NY 10003

Over the weekend I was invited to an acupuncture clinic for the first time in my life! The place was called ORA, a new luxurious acupuncture clinic located in NOHO (second location coming soon to the UES). 

For those of you who aren't familiar with acupuncture, it's basically a form of alternative medicine and a key component of traditional Chinese medicine in which needles are inserted into your body. 

ORA is finally bringing traditional techniques of ancient Chinese medicine into our modern world. Their making it super convenient to walk into a calm and relaxing space, speak privately with an acupuncturist before deciding on which treatment is best for you. 

They offer a luxurious experience of customizable acupuncture along with herbal teas & tonics.
Ora focuses on pain, sexual health, GI + digestion, immunity, emotion/mental health and optimization. Each treatment customize for each individual.

Aside from acupuncture, ORA also offers cupping (which I'm going to try next). Price ranges from $50-$130. The experience is worth every penny. Intro (65 minutes, $130), Essential (50 minutes, $120) and Express (30 minutes, $50).

February 23, 2020

THE GULLY | An Urban-Desi Restaurant


Back in 2013 my family visited Bangladesh for the very first time. 
A 24+ hour journey to an unknown land where all I had seen prior to my visit were photos and videos online. Fast forwarding to 2020, and we've made two trips back to my husbands motherland.

If you've been following along via my social accounts then you know my family just came back from  Turkey and Bangladesh. While in Bangladesh we couldn't get enough of the delicious food. We tried it all! Everything from Fuchka, Chanachur, Jhalmuri, Singara, Jallaby and so much more. 

February 12, 2020

Valentines Day with The House of Creed


Today I received the most thoughtful gift from one of my favorite perfume brands, The House of Creed & just in time for Valentines Day. They recently partnered with Compartes Chocolate to create three decadent chocolate bars all inspired by the Aventus Trilogy. The Dark chocolate & vanilla sea salt bar is inspired by Aventus. The White chocolate with peach, roses, & gold flakes bar is inspired by Aventus For Her (my favorite). The Milk chocolate with ginger & orange peel is inspired by Aventus Cologne.

Aventus celebrates strength, power, and success. Notes of bergamot, blackcurrant, pineapple, birch, ambergris and vanilla set this fruity/rich scent from the rest. 

Aventus for Her is the irresistible feminine counterpart to the legend Aventus, inspired by strong women. A floral/fresh scent, Aventus For Her features notes of green apple, patchouli, rose, sandalwood and peach. 

Aventus Cologne is the newest universal fragrance that perfectly compliments it's counterparts while providing an expressive and unconventional fresh olfactive experience. This woody/fresh scent includes notes such as ginger, mandarin, patchouli, sandalwood, birch and tonka bean.


This Valentines Day you'll receive a special box with all three chocolate bars with the purchase of any Creed perfume for a limited time. 

New York 
794 Madison Avenue

151 NE 41st Street, PP-143

9533 Brighton Way, Unit A-1

Las Vegas
The Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace
3500 S Las Vegas Blvd E03B

January 14, 2020

Daily Provisions Now Serving Sunday Supper


If you’ve ever visited Daily Provisions then you know about their delicious breakfast options such as their Maple Cruller or hefty BEC. Now the neighborhood favorite is making a mean dinner too! My family visited their Upper West Side location to try the new menu out and believe me when I say we weren’t disappointed.

Both Daily Provisions locations will be serving family-style dinners every Sunday from 5pm-9pm. They have delicious rotisserie chickens, plus a plethora of sides to keep the whole group satisfied, including their Kale Salad, Crispy Brussels Sprouts (you must try!!), Mashed Potatoes, and Stuffed Artichoke. There's also some whites and reds for the parents and hot chocolate to keep the kids warm on a winter evening. & did I mention they also have epic desserts the entire family will be fighting over!