February 28, 2024

Doing a Mommy Makeover

Now that the cat is out of the bag I can share all the details about my journey. If you have no idea what I'm talking about let me fill you in. I recently shared on instagram that I'm undergoing a mommy makeover procedure next week. 

I've been wanting to get this procedure done for years and have been super hesitant for many reasons. One: I haven't found a doctor nor practice I felt comfortable with. Two: the results I've come across haven't been exactly what I wanted and three: I haven't mustered the courage to get it done.

After giving it a lot of though, finding a trusted local practice and becoming annoyed with myself for complaining about my problem areas, I've finally agreed to do something about it. 

If you're a mom then you know about all the changes our bodies go through after each pregnancy. I had those changes happen three times and to top it off, each child was delivered by cesarian. Over the years I've been committed to exercising and eating a balanced meal to get in the best shape after my pregnancies. Yes, making those changes have transformed my body and it's helped me tremendously with mental clarity. Unfortunately, the more I exercise, the more weight I loose and the more loose skin becomes visible. Crazy right? Lately, this has been making me frustrated and it's affecting me mentally. 

I often think about all women. All mother's to be exact. I have an incredibly amount of respect and admiration for us. We truly are superwomen! We go through so much to give life to our children. We deal with the pain of delivering them to then be left with countless scars (both physically and mentally) and with a completely unrecognizable body. This can really break a women and I think we deserve to feel and look good again after everything we go through. Take this as a little reminder to be more compassionate towards mothers.

You see, I've tried Morpheus 8 which was something the media hyped for quite some time. We saw countless celebrities try it and swear by it! Did I see results? Yes, for a few months my skin was tighter. I thought, "wow that was easy" but after the effects wore off the skin went back to being loose again. Granted, I only did one session and they recommend 3-4 for maximum results. But deep down I knew I was just avoiding what I actually needed, a tummy tuck. I'm finally done with avoiding the problem. So I started researching. 

During my research I made sure to focus on before and after photos and patient testimonials. I'm one of those really weird people who will follow, stalk previous patients and even send them direct messages to make sure they are 1000% happy with their results before I even book a consultation with any doctor. I  knew exactly what I wanted and exactly what I didn't. That helped me narrow them down pretty quick.

There were many things that were bothering me after entering my 30's. One being the loose skin that was left on my belly button after my three pregnancies, the mommy pouch and lastly the deflated breast after nursing my son. These were things that were out of my control and no matter how much Soul Cycle I did, nothing would make those things better! 

I finally bite the bullet and accepted that some things in life are impossible to fix without the help of knowledge surgeons. 

 After researching doctors and practices that specialize in these type of procedures I narrowed it down to one and only one, Neinstein Plastic Surgery here in New York City. Not only is it incredibly convenient for me as it's local, but their results speak for themselves. I quickly got in touch with the practice and made a consultation with Dr. Pierre. During our first virtual meeting I knew he was the right doctor for me. He was understanding, knew exactly what I wanted and made me feel super comfortable. 

The following week I visited their stunning office which faces the legendary Plaza Hotel for an in-person consultation. During this visit I met Dr. Pierre and the Neinstein team to talk about exactly what I needed to achieve my body goals. We discussed breast sizing, silicone vs saline, recovery time, all the do's and don'ts and everything in between. Here is when I realized I had made the right choice. 

Reasons why I chose Neinstein Plastic Surgery 

1. The practice uses advanced technology.

2. They offer personalized care while helping you find trusted nurses, massage therapists and partner hotels. 

3. They have an amazing hands on team.

4. Their results are exceptional. 

After sharing my decision I received hundreds of messages and question... which is why I'm jumping on an Instagram live tomorrow night along with Dr. Pierre to answer all your questions. Details are below. 

So excited to chat with you!