October 30, 2015

Halloween With H&M


I am super excited to hear that H&M has costumes for kids and adults. 
If you haven't purchased your costume yet and wish to do it in a tasteful way, stop by H&M today. They have so many fun costumes for the whole family, fun accessories and prices are super affordable. Hurry up, they go fast!

Yo estoy emocionada de escuchar que H&M tiene disfraces para niños y adultos.
Si usted no ha comprado su disfraz aún y desea hacerlo de una manera con gusto, pare en H&M y chequeen lo que tienen. Encontraras una gran variedad para toda la familia, con accesorios y los precios bien baratos. Pero apurense porque se venden rápido.

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October 29, 2015

Expedia Pocket Guide To New York

I couldn't wait to share this amazing news with you guys! 
The number one place I go to and recommend others to visit when booking a trip has always been Expedia.com. So when they reached out, I was a little over the moon. They asked me to share my top favorite places to eat in New York whether it's a sit-down restaurant or a food joint and they would include my picks in this years New York pocket guide. You'll be surprised at which made the list.

The guide is ideal for people who are interested in visiting New York and want to get the best out of their trip by visiting great places to eat, shop, barhop, view etc. I loved participating in this guide because we all hear about the same "must see" places in NYC ( which are curated by people who aren't always familiarized with NYC itself). I wanted to share places which aren't too well know and I think should be. From price point to excellent service, I've got you covered:)

You can checkout the entire Expedia pocket guide to New York here.
Thanks a-mil to Expedia for such amazing opportunity. 

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October 28, 2015

Modern Day Marie Antoinette


I'm excited to be partnering up with Lancome to create a modern day Marie Antoinette. I had a lot of fun creating this wearable look inspired by the old days. Hope you enjoy.
Estoy feliz de anunciar que estoy colaborando con Lancome para crear un look moderno inspirado por Marie Antonieta. Me divertí muchísimo creando este look. Espero que lo disfruten.


October 27, 2015

Mini Dress and A Jacket


October 25, 2015

Last Minute Halloween Ideas


Halloween has always been my daughters favorite holiday. Annually we trick or treat, take lots photos and throw a costume party. I tend to never really dress up because I'm always too busy preparing the girls and never really get to dress up myself... but I do love getting in the Halloween spirit.

Whether its nail tattoos, press-on nails or dramatic lashes, KISS has it all! This is a great way to get in the spirit of halloween if you're older and feel dressing up just isn't for you. I've always been the type of girl to love healthy nails. Yet, I love painting and making fun designs on them (which is not good for your nails). Press-on nails is a great alternative to applying acrylic nails or constantly using nail polish remover. I love wearing these press-on nails because it doesn't damage your natural nails and they are super inexpensive. You can even shape them any way you want by using a file. Believe it or not, I wore press-on french tip nails on my wedding day:)

You can find these and more designs in your local pharmacies or here.
Halloween siempre ha sido el día mas favorito de mis hijas. Anualmente vamos por dulces, nos tomamos fotos y hacemos una fiesta de disfraces. Yo, nunca tengo tiempo para disfrasarme porque siempre estoy demasiada ocupada preparando a las chicas.. pero me encanta entar en el espíritu de Halloween.

Ya se trate de los tatuajes de uñas, uñas falsas o pestañas dramáticas. KISS lo tiene todo! Esta es una gran manera de estar en el espíritu de Halloween si usted es un poco mayor como yo y se siente que disfrazarse no es para usted. Siempre he sido el tipo de chica que ama las uñas saludables. Sin embargo, me encanta pintarme las uñas (aunque no es bueno para la salud de las uñas). Uñas que pegan así son una gran alternativa a la aplicación de uñas de acrílico. Me encanta usar estas uñas poetisas ya que no dañan mis uñas naturales. Lo creas o no, me puse uñas de punta francés el día de mi boda :)

October 23, 2015

Fall Uniform


High boots and a plaid scarf has become my Fall uniform and I can't get enough of it. Since plaid is so popular this season I'm always looking for ways to wear it and this is the most basic way of styling a plaid scarf. I always like throwing hints of color throughout. Like the pop of red on the lips, a vintage YSL scarf wrapped around your wrist, or a unique wood watch!

I don't know about you guys but, I think this watch is one of the coolest accessories I have ever owned. It's by a brand called Jord and on their website they have a huge variety of handcrafted wood watches for male and females. Ladies, the holidays are coming and this would be perfect for him, or her. hint. hint.
Botas altas y una bufanda de cuadros se ha convertido en mi uniforme este otoño. Como cuadros es tan popular en esta temporada, yo siempre estoy buscando la manera de usarlo y esta es la forma más básica de usar la tendencia de cuadritos. Siempre me gusta tirar toques de color a lo largo de el look. Como el color rojo en los labios, una bufanda color vino de YSL envuelto alrededor de su muñeca, o un reloj de madera único!

Yo creo que este reloj es uno de los accesorios más cool que he tenido. Es por una marca llamada Jord y en su sitio web tienen una gran variedad de relojes de madera hechos a mano para hombres y mujeres. 


October 21, 2015

48-hours of protection

Thinking of trying a new deodorant? Last week, Simply Stylist introduced me to a new trending product, Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant, so while I was in my local pharmacy browsing around the deodorants isle, I immediately noticed the cool new spray bottle which stood out among the other deodorants. I picked it up and started to read the labels on two of the bottles. One of them says it helps restore skin to its natural tone (if you constantly shave and use strong deodorants then you know what I mean) and the other was nourished beauty. I love the fact that Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant is actually beneficial to your skin. I of course spritzed a little bit to get a sniff and it smelled phenom, so I had to get it!

I added them to my basket and thought it would be fun to share my experience with these two products because I have never used spray deodorants before. I normally use the paste type. I don’t like the roll-on formula because it just feels icky. I’ve even used the crystal stone deodorant- which is a rock salt. Usually sold in organic stores. Yet, I’ve never really found one I was completely in love with.

Here's my Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant review: 

I have been using these two products for the past week now and I love them! The scent is so fresh and not overpowering. The formula doesn’t leave any visible residue behind, it's instantly drying and offers 48-hours of protection. 

As a fashion blogger, I shop A LOT! & with shopping comes trying things on at the clothing stores, now- I don’t know about you but I can’t stand trying on items that have white marks on them, you know what I mean? It’s happen to me many times and I wouldn’t want to do it to anyone either. Or for instance, imagine attending an event wearing black (which is my go-to color) and having visible residue on your underarms or clothing, gross!
As a mom, I’m ALWAYS on the run. From taking the girls to school, running back home to get some work done, jetting to doctors appointments/meetings/events and coming back home to pick up the girls.. All that in one day. Therefore, It’s nice to feel dry and fresh while multi tasking throughout the day. This is why I enjoy using Dove Dry Spray.You should try it too.

This post is a collaboration with Dove via Simply Stylist. As always all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands and collaborations that make NYTrendyMoms possible!

October 20, 2015

Cool Halloween fashion

It's always fun to discover new brands and certainly new limited edition Halloween shoes by Jack Rogers.

October 16, 2015

Casual Friday Style


I'll keep this post short and simple cause it's FRIDAY!
Voy a mantener este post corto y simple porque es Viernes:)

October 13, 2015

Mix it Up!


Mixing patterns/prints doesn't always have to be complicated. It may seem 'risky business' to some. but to me? it's all about having fun! I know many people have asked on social media "How do you wear and mix prints?" and although I've answered those who asked. I thought it would be fun to show you my take on how I mix patterns. 

Leopard and Plaid naturally go well together (although, some may disagree).
 These are two of my favorite prints and I though why not put them together. The key when putting an outfit that has patters is to simply stick to one or two patters, no more. Once you start adding too many colors and prints, the entire outfit falls apart. 

In this case I wore leopard KOMONO sunglasses which paired well with this Etienne Aigner clutch. This Kate Spade dress is pretty dark so the pops of leopard helped brighten the outfit out. Now, for an outfit like this.. black or nude heels are the only appropriate colors. Any other color would completely throw off the look.
La mezcla de patrones no siempre tiene que ser complicado. Puede parecer 'arriesgoso' para algunos. pero para mí? es todo sobre la diversión! Sé que muchas personas me han preguntado en las redes sociales: "¿Cómo te pones y mezclas los patrones?" y aunque yo he respondido a las preguntas pensé que sería mas util mostrarles cómo mezclo patrones.

Leopardo y tela escocesa naturalmente van bien juntos (bueno, para mi).
  Estos son dos de mis patrones preferidos y pensé por qué no ponerlos juntos en un look. La clave de poner un equipo que tiene patrones es simplemente usar uno o dos piezas con los patrones, no más. Una vez que comiences a agregar demasiado color y estampados, el equipo entero se desmorona.

En este caso yo llevaba gafas de sol con un poco de leopardo que combinaba muy bien con esta cartera de Etienne Aigner. Este vestido de Kate Spade es bastante oscuro, así que los estallidos de leopardo ayudó a iluminar el look. Ahora, para un equipo como este .. tacones negros o color piel son los únicos colores apropiados. Cualquier otro color sería completamente inútil.


October 10, 2015

Get Halloween Ready With Party City

You guys might've remember me attending a Party City' s event a few weeks ago. I shared a few images via social media but... you didn't see anything yet!

I was invited to stay at The Algonquin Hotel for two days and enjoy an experience of a lifetime. My entire stay was planned by Party City. Therefore, I didn't know what to expect. 

After arriving at The Algonquin Hotel and checking in, I enter my room and find a cozy bed with a caldron filled with my favorite sweets and an itinerary of my stay.

The first thing on the list was -Pick Out A Costume. I mean, they had everything from fun wings (which you know I'm all about), accessories and super awesome costumes. There were two I initially wanted to wear but after seeing all the accessories for the Flashy Flapper, I went for it. I then brought it up to my room and started getting ready for the next thing on the list, which was the -Fashion Show. After glamming up with my costume and fun accessories, I headed down to the lobby to enjoy pre- fashion show boo-zy cocktails  and finger foods (find cocktail recipes below:).

We then sat down to view the latest and most popular Halloween costumes in Party City. We saw everything from Ninja Turtle costumes for little boys/girls and adults to adorable My Little Pony ones (which my daughter loves). Something I love about shopping at Party City is that you are able to find variety. For example; If you're looking for a witch costume, you're going to find 6 or more different styles of witches. It's nice to step out of your house the night of halloween and not find everyone with the same costume, you know.

After the fashion show we went out in a party bus with our costumes.. oh- that party bus. smh. 

The next day we woke up early to enjoy breakfast at the hotel then headed into the Party City store (38 west 14 street) for some fun costume challenges. We were given a partner and a challenge to mix two different characters in one costume. We needed to incorporate everything from the store in order to win prizes. My partner and I ended up picked Skeleton + Minnie Mouse out of a hat. It was such a fun time!! Perhaps my favorite time of the whole experience because we got to test our imagination. The Party City team also hid a $250 gift card throughout the store for one lucky winner to find.... and that lucky winner was me:) I was so happy to find the gift card because I never win anything.. lol. I can't wait to shop for my girls and for my anual Halloween Party.

The entire event was all about Halloween (obvi) but it had other elements to it as well. Such as decoration, makeup and fun DIY crafts. After heading back to the hotel from the Party City store, we enjoyed the most amazing lunch. The table setting was insane and it totally served as inspiration for my own party. They served us matzo ball soup in tiny pumpkins... adorable, right!? That was just one of the many cute dishes they served.

After lunch we got schooled by professional makeup artists on how to get the right makeup look to go with your costume. One of my favorites was The Day Of The Dead makeup. Party City even provided an easy makeup tutorial for you to try this Halloween (see below).

I hope all these tips and how-to videos serve as inspiration this Halloween. 

A big thank you to Party City for providing amazing event highlights and for allowing me to experience and share this with my readers.

October 9, 2015

The Inside Scoop On How I Clean


When I was growing up, being a mom looked so easy. Food was always on the table, floors were always cleaned, clothes were always washed and folded, tv had cable, etc. The good life, right?.. (for the kids). Yet, when you stop to think about the time one person spends doing these things, it's pretty remarkable. 

It's nice to see the outcome of things and not see the challenges people face while trying to achieve the results. Alright, I'm beating around the bush here. What I'm saying is that it's not easy being a mom, period! Having to take care of kids, a husband, a home and yourself is definitely a challenge without a few dirty little secrets ;) 

October 5, 2015

This Breeze


It's October.. already!!
It seems like this year is on a race. We're supposed to be in Fall and it truly feels like Winter. 
Just yesterday I remember picnicking in Central Park with my girls while enjoy the warm summer breeze... and speaking of breeze- I've been mia lately due to me being super duper sick! I have the flu and haven't able to function correctly for the past few days. Thankfully I'm feeling much better after taking a few Dominican home remedies (they always work). I'll give you the story of how I got sick...

After working out at home, I decided to go out for a walk and grab a hot chocolate (because I strangely craved this after a workout). It wasn't really cold out, nor was it windy when I left my house so I didn't think of grabbing a jacket or sweater. Nonetheless, on my way back home it got super breezy and that's when I think I caught something. I didn't realize it till the next morning when I could barely get up from my bed with extreme body aches and terrible migraine. I was very close of heading to the hospital because the pain was so bad. My throat was hurting, I had a runny nose and I was coughing nonstop. This day I ate chicken soup and drank tea all day long... this didn't help. The next morning I woke up with a swollen face and was totally freaking out! I'm not sure if I drank or ate something that I was allergic to but it was a scary situation.

To make the long story short- I had my grandmother give me a Dominican home remedy and I slowly started to feel better. Thank God. & Thank God for my grandmother too:) 

Octubre ya llego en un abrir y serrar de ojos!
Parece que este año está en una carrera. Se supone que debemos estar en Otoño y realmente se siente como Invierno.

Ayer mismo me acuerdo que mi familia y yo estábamos haciendo un picnic en Central Park disfrutando de la brisa del verano ... y hablando de brisa- He estado perdida en acción últimamente debido a que estoy enferma. Tengo la gripe y no e podido funcionar correctamente en los últimos días. Afortunadamente me siento mucho mejor después de tomar algunos remedios caseros dominicanas (siempre funcionan). Te voy a dar la historia de cómo me enfermé ...

Después de hacer ejercicio en casa, me decidí a ir a dar un paseo y tomar un chocolate caliente (porque extrañamente ansiaba esto después de una sesión de ejercicios). En realidad no estaba frío, ni tampoco había viento cuando salí de mi casa, así que no piense en ponerme un suéter. No me di cuenta hasta la mañana siguiente, cuando apenas podía levantarme de la cama con dolores extremos en el cuerpo y terribles migrañas. Yo estaba muy cerca de ir al hospital porque el dolor era tan malo. Mi garganta me dolía, todavía tengo la nariz hasta pelada de tando que me la limpiaba y tosía sin parar. Este día me comí sopa de pollo y bebió té todo el día ... esto no me ayudo. A la mañana siguiente me desperté con la cara hinchada y estaba totalmente volviéndome loca! No estaba segura de si bebí o comí algo que era alérgica pero era una situación muy miedosa.

Para hacer el largo cuento corto- mi abuela me dio un remedio casero Dominicano y poco a poco me empece a sentirse mejor. Gracias a Dios. Y gracias a Dios por mi abuela también :)

October 1, 2015

My Staycation With Hampton By Hilton

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Hampton by Hilton. The opinions and text are all mine.


Living in NYC is extremely fun, but sometimes you just need to get away from all the noisy streets, bright lights and busy people. In other words, escape the hustle and bustle. 

Typically, when you think of a ‘getaway’ you think traveling by plane out of state or country to have peace and relaxation. For me, it’s the total opposite. I think getting away simply means being elsewhere that isn’t your normal living space. Weather it’s a 5 hour roadtrip to eat your favorite roasted chicken in DC (Nandos) or simply driving to Vermont to view the Autumn foliage. Yes, I’ve done this and more ‘crazy’ trips, just because. I dig the relaxation thing once in awhile, but.. I prefer exploring and experiencing different things/activities. 

It doesn’t have to be a special occasion either. I love making everyday special and this is why my family and I tend to take spontaneous trips most weekends. I love exposing my children to different cultures/people, different settings and different foods . I believe this will help them become open minded individuals once their older. I’m one to love traveling, period. Put me on a train, car, bus, boat or donkey to travel anywhere, give me food + water and I would be the happiest. I want to influence my kids to do the same. Traveling is fun! You meet so many different people who have great stories and are eager to share with the world. Experiences are everything to me. I know I say this quite often and some may be tired of reading but- being able to travel (even if it’s a few minutes away from the city), create experiences and share your memories with others is what life is all about.