August 10, 2021

Roadtrip To Philly!


A spontaneous trip down to Philadelphia is just what the doctor ordered. 
Specially if it involves fried chicken, champagne, roller skates, and a shark tunnel!


With Summer coming to a short end (September 22nd) I wanted to squeeze-in as many trips with my family as possible. This Summer we decided not to take an international trip but instead explore our nearest cities. Philadelphia being at the top of our list. 

We packed a few things in our two-door Jeep Wrangler Willys and headed South on the Interstate 95. Two and a half hours later we reached Center City District also known as Downtown Philadelphia

IMG_0130 IMG_0133

We've been to Philadelphia plenty of times to have the famous cheesesteak sandwiches but never stayed long enough to explore the city. I promised the kids this time it was going to be different because we were staying at the Logan Hotel. Not only did we want to be located near all the cool spots but we also wanted to visit Assembly rooftop, the Logan's rooftop bar. It's kind of a big deal as supposedly, the views are spectacular. Unfortunately, we weren't able to visit the rooftop due to it being closed for a private event. I guess that means we'll have to take another trip to see what all the hype is about. 

IMG_0143 IMG_9899

If I'm being completely honest, there is a particular reason I dragged my family down here. I heard about this hotspot serving upscale fried chicken and champagne. I had to see and try it for myself. I mean, cmon! If that didn't make your mouth water or got you curious then I guess we can't be friends! 

All the magic happens down in Bar Poulet's kitchen. 

Thinking about it now, I wish I would've asked more questions about the restaurant to the waitress, Paige (who btw was incredible and so sweet). You know, like when it was built or if they had other locations. But the second I stepped in, I knew I had one purpose and one purpose only... TO EAT THAT CHICKEN! Listen, I was so excited to finally try this fried chicken I had only seen in my dreams dozens of times, I blacked out. Can't remember anything but how amazing the chicken was and how slow time just seemed to go by. Or maybe it was the many glasses of champagne.. but I guess we'll never know. 

Between a fried chicken enthusiast to another, they're making fried chicken magic in there!

We ordered the Poulet Frit which is the original fried chicken (a must!). We also ordered the Champignons Frits which are portobello and maitake mushrooms fried in the same fried chicken batter. It's epic. Almost offensive but so darn good!

Two sauces I recommend to pair with the chicken: the Black Pepper Lavender Honey and the Espelette Hot Sauce. 

As for champagne we chose the Pét-nat-rosé from Loire Valley, France. 

I know some of us worry about restaurants having kid-friendly food but what's more kid friendly than chicken and fries? It's a win-win for everyone!

IMG_9908 IMG_9919

Following our Fancy fried chicken coma, we stopped next door to Ritual Shoppe to pick up a few souvenirs for the girls to take back home.

IMG_9949 IMG_9954

For me, comfort is an essential part of life. 
 Knowing I'd be walking the city, a loose fitted dress and sneakers was a no-brainer.
The dress is by Club Monaco, Hat by Madewell, and Givenchy sneakers. Necklaces and bracelet by HRH Collection


Later that night we made our way to Blue Cross RiverRink Summerfest. An outdoor (iceskating during Winter and a roller skating during Summer) waterfront rink. It's essentially a street fair that's always open providing games, food and drinks.

IMG_0177 IMG_0180 IMG_0223 IMG_0258

Now for the kid's favorite part of the trip, visiting the Adventure Aquarium!

IMG_0280 IMG_0288 IMG_0321 IMG_0333 IMG_0496 IMG_0498

I don't know about your kids, but mine are crazy about animals. 
This aquarium is actually located in NJ right across Philly (a 20 minute drive from our hotel). 
We booked tickets in advance and arrived as they were opening (9am). I find this to be the best time to visit as we noticed it was jam-packed when we left. This gave us the ability to stroll the aquarium at our own pace and take photos/videos without interruptions. 

IMG_0403 IMG_0405 IMG_0419 IMG_0464 IMG_0486 IMG_0491 IMG_0505 IMG_0526

This was my favorite part of our visit, the shark tunnel.

IMG_0534 IMG_0536 IMG_0537 IMG_0539

The following day we had breakfast at this amazing cafe called Cafe Lift. A must visit if you're in town! 

We then headed to a highly recommended market called, Reading Terminal Market. The options were extremely overwhelming and we ended up with only ice cream. James was happy about it!


I hope this blogpost helps you navigate Philadelphia next time you're around! 
Until the next post.

Stay Trendy!

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