July 6, 2021

Dove's New Sensitive Care Collection + Giveaway


Over the course of a few months my skin has been through a substantial amount of stress and it's now become noticeable. Lately, I've been adding a few new Dove products to my daily bath routine and I'm already seeing a huge difference in the way my skin feels and looks.

En el transcurso de unos meses, mi piel ha pasado por una cantidad sustancial de estrés y ahora se ha vuelto notable. Últimamente, he estado agregando algunos productos de Dove nuevos a mi rutina diaria y ya veo una gran diferencia en la forma en que se siente y se ve mi piel. 


We often think that the only time we need to moisturize our skin is during Winter, but the truth is you should always maintain your skin moisturized throughout the year. 

 The new Dove Soothing Care Collection with calendula-infused oils features a beautiful herby and subtly floral hypoallergenic fragrance to soothe the senses with notes of Green Tea, Violet Leaf, Ginko Leaf, Muguet, Birch and Shea Butter. Dove offers a few formulas to choose from a Body Wash, Instant Foaming Body Wash, Beauty Bar and a gentle Body Polish. The Fragrance-free Irritation Care Body Wash has an extra moisturizing formula suitable for dry, irritated or irritation prone skin types.

As the #1 dermatologist recommended brand, they know that not all sensitive skin is the same. This new range of Sensitive Care products ensures that everyone can find the cleansing care they need. For mild, moderate and very sensitive skin types. The collection is designed to hydrate and replenish sensitive skin or as I call it 'stressed skin'.

A menudo pensamos que el único momento en que necesitamos hidratar nuestra piel es durante el invierno, pero la verdad es que siempre debes mantener la piel hidratada durante todo el año.

 La nueva colección Soothing Care Collection de Dove, con aceites infundidos de caléndula, presenta una hermosa fragancia herbácea y sutilmente floral hipoalergénica para calmar los sentidos con notas de té verde, hoja violeta, hoja de ginko, muguet, abedul y manteca de karité. Dove ofrece algunas fórmulas para elegir entre un gel de baño, un gel de baño espumoso instantáneo, una barra de belleza y un pulidor corporal suave. El gel de baño sin fragancia para el cuidado de la irritación tiene una fórmula extra hidratante adecuada para pieles secas, irritadas o propensas a la irritación.

Como la marca # 1 recomendada por dermatólogos, saben que no todas las pieles sensibles son iguales. Esta nueva colección de productos sensitivos garantiza que todos puedan encontrar el cuidado de limpieza que necesitan. Para pieles leves, moderadas y muy sensibles. La colección está diseñada para hidratar y reponer la piel sensible o como yo la llamo 'piel estresada'.

Dove also released a new Nourishing Secrets Antiperspirant

- Antiperspirant deodorant with 48-hour protection.
- Kind-to-skin formula with 0% alcohol (ethenol).
- Dry spray dries instantly and stick glides on easily.
- Caring formula enriched with 1/4 moisturizers. 
- Leaves your underarms feeling comfortable and cared for.

With three different scents to choose from, Calming Ritual (Waterlily & Sakura Bloom), Soothing Ritual (Lavender & Jasmine) and Indulging Ritual (Vanilla & Cocoa Butter).

Dove también lanzó un nuevo antitranspirante Nourishing Secrets

- Desodorante antitranspirante con protección de 48 horas.
- Fórmula agradable a la piel con 0% de alcohol (etenol).
- El spray seco se seca instantáneamente y se desliza fácilmente.
- Fórmula de cuidado enriquecida con 1/4 de humectantes.
- Deja tus axilas cómodas y cuidadas.

Con tres aromas diferentes para elegir, Calming Ritual (Waterlily & Sakura Bloom), Calming Ritual (Lavender & Jasmine) y Indulging Ritual (Vanilla & Cocoa Butter).


Here are some great tips from Dr. Barba

  • Short + Sweet Shower: Limit your showers to under 10 minutes and shower with gentle cleaners that contain moisturizers, like Dove Irritation Care Body Wash. Moisturization is essential, especially with easily irritated and dry skin. Over showering strips the skin of its natural oils causing us to lose hydration, which can cause visibly dry, tight or ashy skin.
  • Save after the Shave: After shaving, we recommend using a moisturizing antiperspirant like the new Dove Nourishing Secrets Waterlily & Sakura Blossom Antiperspirant. Made with Dove’s signature ¼ moisturizers, it provides up to 48-hour of odor and sweat protection, which will give you that long-lasting protection and hydration needed to withstand a hot summer day. 
  • Trust your Gut: Eat well to feel well! Having healthy antioxidant rich foods with plenty of greens are a great way to help your skin glow. Nourishing your body from the inside out, such as eating nutritious and delicious meals and getting daily exercise will help boost beautiful and radiant skin. Of course, we never skip dessert so enjoy dark chocolate for extra nutrients

I love this Collection so much that I wanted you to try it as well!
 I'm partnering up with Dove to give one lucky reader a Dove Deodorants and Body Washes set!

One lucky reader will receive 
  • Dove Nourishing Secrets Waterlily & Sakura Blossom deodorant
  • Dove Nourishing Secrets Lavender & Jasmine deodorant
  • Dove Nourishing Secrets Vanilla & Cocoa Butter deodorant
  • Dove Soothing Care Body Wash
  • Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash
  • Dove Irritation Care Body Wash

This giveaway will be running on my Instagram account. Follow to enter.

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