March 21, 2021

Music to Listen to this Week

This week I've been having Camilo's new album called 'Mis Manos' on repeat!
I was on the edge of my seat after watching his performance on Jimmy Fallon a few days ago. 
If you're not familiar, Camilo Echeverry is a Colombian singer, songwriter and record producer. He is signed with Sony Latin records and has been my favorite spanish artist for as long as I can remember. 

Most recently he's been pretty popular here in America.. and to that I say: About time!! 
Yes his music is great but if you get a chance, listen to his songs acoustic. Your heart will 1000x melt.  

Here's his new album ( rated by favorites )

2. Mareado 
6.  Rolex

Here are a few old favorite songs from Camilo.

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