October 29, 2016

Mixing Hi’s-and-Low’s


The true meaning of Fashion is learning how to mix high end pieces with low end ones. This creates a reachable approach specially if you’re an influencer like myself. Today I’ve teamed up with JCPenney to show you how I style this gorgeous dress (which was less than $50) and how I elevate it into something that could be more expensive.

 I wanted to create a look that was monochromatic yet wearable. Since we’re in Autumn I went with this beautiful wine colored knee-high boots which complements the dress perfectly. This JCPenney dress has a slit on the left side that gives the look a nice sexy touch without being too provocative. What truly drew me to this dress was the beautiful details on the left side of the leg and hips. This is what makes this dress stand out. Since the  details have gold I wanted to continue that same concept throughout the whole look. I added a chain necklace as the only accessory because I really wanted to keep the focus on the dress. Sunglasses makes everything luxurious and mysterious. Of course, a look can’t be finished without a handbag and this classic bag was the cherry on top.

 Remember, less is more when trying to achieve the ‘ Mixing hi’s-and-low’s ’ look. I like to add one statement accessory whether it’s a necklace or cuff to really accentuate a classy look. Like I said, sunglasses are a MUST! The bigger the sunglasses are, the more mysterious you’ll look. Investing in a luxury handbag is a great idea. This means you could wear anything, and I mean anything, and get away with it. No one will question where you buy your clothes or shoes from. & last but not least be confident. There’s nothing better than seeing a woman walk down the street with great confidence.  #SoWorthIt

I hope these tips help you achieve the ‘Mixing Hi’s-and-Low’s ‘ look.

 Have a great weekend!


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