October 18, 2016

Quality American Food // Schnippers


Over the weekend my family and I were strolling down the city around World Trade Center. We spotted a new place called Schnippers. From the outside, it stood out so we decided to step in and give it a try. We looked at the menu and everything sounded delicious, specially the milkshakes. After debating for a few minutes we finally made up our minds. To start, we ordered two Schnippers Classic burgers, Chicken Fingers w/ shoestring fries, Crispy Onion Rings, Sloppy Fries, and Cheese Fries. For dessert, we ordered a Creamsicle Float, Pumpkin Shake, Strawberry Shake, and the Salted Caramel Shake. 

Now I'm going to describe each item to you because this isn't just another burger joint. Schnippers offers delicious American food that you won't feel guilty of eating. Meaning it isn't oily like you would expect burgers and fries to be. For instance, the burger. It was cooked to perfection. On the Schnippers Classic Burgers they add a special cheese blend, caramelized onions, thick-cut Applewood smoked bacon, baby arugula and the famous Schnippers sauce. I don't know where to start on the Onion rings. They were hands down thee best rings I've ever had!!! They serve the Onion rings with the perfect chipotle dipping sauce that makes each ring even more irresistible. My youngest daughter Leanne, is one of those children that no matter where you take them, they will always order chicken fingers and fries. The Chicken fingers at Schnippers were devine! Crispy on the outside and soft (almost melt in your mouth) and juicy on the inside. I've been to many restaurants and have never seen chicken cooked this way.  & talk about the sloppy fries with cheese sauce! I didn't have Sloppy Joes since High School and having it on fries at Schnippers was bringing back good memories. The difference here was the extremely high quality ground beef and the great atmosphere. A few other items which they serve are sandwiches, melts, salads, hotdogs and mac & cheese. & let's not forget the beer and wine! It's a nice family friendly restaurant where kids can have their food and shakes while mom and dad enjoy a nice glass of wine. All in a hip setting. Schnippers is the new place to go for quality American food here in New York City. Visit any of their 5 locations around the city ( 8th ave & 41 Street, 23rd St. & Madison, 570 Lexington at 51 Street, One NY Plaza) and checkout the new location on 120 Church street, New York NY.