October 11, 2016

Domino's Digital Insiders Day 2016

Ahhh, where do I begin?! I mean, pizza is a universal language. & if you don't love pizza you can't be human. haha!
I recently attended Domino's Digital Insiders Day which took place at the Domino's Pizza HQ in Michigan. I was thrilled to attend and learn more about my favorite pizza franchise. They taught me the many ways of ordering a pizza with Anyware, I experienced the DXP (Domino's official car with build in oven) and ate loads of pizzas, of course.

I got to meet an awesome artist from Los Angeles, Philip Figueroa. He created this super neat stormtrooper out of Domino's pizza boxes. A real piece of art!


Now lets chat about the super innovative ways pizza is being delivered today, by Domino's that is. We all know technology has come a long way when it comes to ordering food or has it!? Not really if you ask me. Nonetheless, Domino's is changing the game with their 'Dominos Anyware' system. This simply means, order pizza from anywhere. & I'm sure you guys are going to flip out when you hear the many ways you can place a Domino's order. 

By text, tweet, Facebook messenger, app, smart TV, Amazon Echo, etc. You are even able to use the pizza emoji to place your order! I mean, these are only a few ways you can order. Find out more cool ways here.


For those with curious minds.. we ate international pizzas. All listed below.

Double decker: (Korea) A creamy camembert sauce filled between two thin crusts. Topped with fresh tomatoes and basil. 
Mayo Jaga: (Japan) Hand tossed topped with sliced potato, corn and bacon. Then topped with a Japanese style mayo.
La 4 Fromages Pizza: (France) Hand tossed topped with Crème Fraiche, pizza cheese, Blue cheese, goat cheese and shredded emmental. This was my favorite!!
Shawarma pizza: Several markets currently have this style of pizza (Netherlands, Australia and St. Maarten to name a few). Hand tossed pizza sauce, cheese, seasoned beef and lamb, tomato slices, feta cheese and topped with tzatziki sauce.
Peppery Paneer: (India) Hand tossed topped with paneer cheese, green peppers and hot pepper slices.

Overall, the trip was short yet nice. It was my first time in Michigan and I met a lot of great people. & naturally, 
I'll travel for pizza any day!

Thank you Domino's for having me!


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