October 5, 2015

This Breeze


It's October.. already!!
It seems like this year is on a race. We're supposed to be in Fall and it truly feels like Winter. 
Just yesterday I remember picnicking in Central Park with my girls while enjoy the warm summer breeze... and speaking of breeze- I've been mia lately due to me being super duper sick! I have the flu and haven't able to function correctly for the past few days. Thankfully I'm feeling much better after taking a few Dominican home remedies (they always work). I'll give you the story of how I got sick...

After working out at home, I decided to go out for a walk and grab a hot chocolate (because I strangely craved this after a workout). It wasn't really cold out, nor was it windy when I left my house so I didn't think of grabbing a jacket or sweater. Nonetheless, on my way back home it got super breezy and that's when I think I caught something. I didn't realize it till the next morning when I could barely get up from my bed with extreme body aches and terrible migraine. I was very close of heading to the hospital because the pain was so bad. My throat was hurting, I had a runny nose and I was coughing nonstop. This day I ate chicken soup and drank tea all day long... this didn't help. The next morning I woke up with a swollen face and was totally freaking out! I'm not sure if I drank or ate something that I was allergic to but it was a scary situation.

To make the long story short- I had my grandmother give me a Dominican home remedy and I slowly started to feel better. Thank God. & Thank God for my grandmother too:) 

Octubre ya llego en un abrir y serrar de ojos!
Parece que este año está en una carrera. Se supone que debemos estar en Otoño y realmente se siente como Invierno.

Ayer mismo me acuerdo que mi familia y yo estábamos haciendo un picnic en Central Park disfrutando de la brisa del verano ... y hablando de brisa- He estado perdida en acción últimamente debido a que estoy enferma. Tengo la gripe y no e podido funcionar correctamente en los últimos días. Afortunadamente me siento mucho mejor después de tomar algunos remedios caseros dominicanas (siempre funcionan). Te voy a dar la historia de cómo me enfermé ...

Después de hacer ejercicio en casa, me decidí a ir a dar un paseo y tomar un chocolate caliente (porque extrañamente ansiaba esto después de una sesión de ejercicios). En realidad no estaba frío, ni tampoco había viento cuando salí de mi casa, así que no piense en ponerme un suéter. No me di cuenta hasta la mañana siguiente, cuando apenas podía levantarme de la cama con dolores extremos en el cuerpo y terribles migrañas. Yo estaba muy cerca de ir al hospital porque el dolor era tan malo. Mi garganta me dolía, todavía tengo la nariz hasta pelada de tando que me la limpiaba y tosía sin parar. Este día me comí sopa de pollo y bebió té todo el día ... esto no me ayudo. A la mañana siguiente me desperté con la cara hinchada y estaba totalmente volviéndome loca! No estaba segura de si bebí o comí algo que era alérgica pero era una situación muy miedosa.

Para hacer el largo cuento corto- mi abuela me dio un remedio casero Dominicano y poco a poco me empece a sentirse mejor. Gracias a Dios. Y gracias a Dios por mi abuela también :)

October 1, 2015

My Staycation With Hampton By Hilton

This post is a collaboration with Hampton by Hilton and Latina Bloggers Connect. As always all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands and collaborations that make NYTrendyMoms possible. 


Living in NYC is extremely fun, but sometimes you just need to get away from all the noisy streets, bright lights and busy people. In other words, escape the hustle and bustle. 

Typically, when you think of a ‘getaway’ you think traveling by plane out of state or country to have peace and relaxation. For me, it’s the total opposite. I think getting away simply means being elsewhere that isn’t your normal living space. Weather it’s a 5 hour roadtrip to eat your favorite roasted chicken in DC (Nandos) or simply driving to Vermont to view the Autumn foliage. Yes, I’ve done this and more ‘crazy’ trips, just because. I dig the relaxation thing once in awhile, but.. I prefer exploring and experiencing different things/activities. 

It doesn’t have to be a special occasion either. I love making everyday special and this is why my family and I tend to take spontaneous trips most weekends. I love exposing my children to different cultures/people, different settings and different foods . I believe this will help them become open minded individuals once their older. I’m one to love traveling, period. Put me on a train, car, bus, boat or donkey to travel anywhere, give me food + water and I would be the happiest. I want to influence my kids to do the same. Traveling is fun! You meet so many different people who have great stories and are eager to share with the world. Experiences are everything to me. I know I say this quite often and some may be tired of reading but- being able to travel (even if it’s a few minutes away from the city), create experiences and share your memories with others is what life is all about.

September 30, 2015

Just Smile on Rainy Days


Zareena, Leanne and I are all so happy that the weather is finally freshening up. Our long walks could be enjoyable once again, rain or shine! Since it's going to rain the entire week here in NYC, I thought it would be the perfect time to share this post with ya'll.

Rain-boots are so important in a child's life. At least they were for me while growing up. I remember jumping in muddy puddles (Yes, like peppa pig) while my grandparents screamed their lungs out telling me to stop.. ahhh.. good times. 

I guess it's not very appropriate for me as an adult to still do this (although I do, when no one is looking). I want my kids to enjoy these simple moments and cherish them forever. That's why when Shoe Buy reached out to me for a review, I instantly agreed. 

My girls didn't have rain-boots and since school started a few weeks ago, I thought now would be a good time to get them a pair. They're always out with me attending events or simply running errands. Therefore, my girls need the right essentials in order to be comfortable and ready for anything mother nature throws at us :) 

Zareena, Leanne y yo estamos muy contentas de que el clima está finalmente refrescandose. Nuestros largos paseos podrían ser agradable, una vez más, con lluvia o sol! Ya que va a llover toda esta semana aquí en Nueva York, pensé que sería el momento perfecto para compartir este articulo con ustedes.

Botas de lluvia son tan importantes en la vida de un niño. Por lo menos eran para mí mientras crecía. Recuerdo saltar en los charcos de agua mientras mis abuelos gritaban a todo pulmón que parara.. ahhh.. buenos tiempos.

Supongo que no es muy apropiado para mí, como un adulto que todavía hacer esto (aunque lo hago, cuando nadie está mirando). Quiero que mis niñas disfruten de estos momentos simples y los recuerden para siempre. Por eso, cuando Shoe Buy  me contacto para trabajar con ellos, al instante me acepte.

Mis niñas no tenían botas de lluvia y como la escuela comenzó hace unas semanas, pensé que ahora sería un buen momento para conseguir un par para ellas. Siempre están conmigo asistiendo eventos o simplemente haciendo delijencias. Por lo tanto, mis niñas necesitan lo esencial para estar cómodas en  cualquier situación que la madre naturaleza nos lanza :)

September 28, 2015

White Bell Bottoms


I don't like following rules. Do you?
I'm sure the answer is no. 
Since we're both rebels, let's wear white after Labor day.
No me gusta seguir las reglas. ¿Vos si?
Estoy segura de que la respuesta es no.
Las personas siempre dicen que no se debe usar blanco después del día Laboral.
Pero, ya que somos rebeldes, vamos a vestirnos de blanco hoy.

September 21, 2015

Creamy Risotto in minutes


Risotto is secretly one of my favorite dishes to indulge on when I'm home alone. It's just so nice to cook something that you enjoy while sipping on a light wine that isn't too bad for you.  I'm using Brancott Estate’s wine as is naturally lighter in both sugar and calories

At the end of cooking this dish, you're all ready to sit on the couch and watch the Travel channel or Food Network, while enjoying this rich and creamy masterpiece you just created.

This risotto recipe can be made in many ways and with many different ingredients. What I love about it is that it's made in 35 minutes and the pressure cooker does the job so you don't have to constantly stand-and-stir. 
My favorite recipe goes as follows..