January 24, 2012

Family Day In

I haven't added as many posts as I would like this 2012. The reason being is because the weather in NY is just looney!! & I like to go out for shoots instead of indoor shoots. It was snowing two days ago, yesterday was raining and today is 52 degrees!!! I have no other choice but to post indoor pictures. 

This past weekend my younger daughter Hazel who is 9 months old started taking steps by herself. She gets so excited when she takes 3-4 steps, she just starts clapping. She also started pointing to things she wants. She is growing so fast. 

Also this past weekend I decided my husband and I needed a 'romantic' dinner without the girls. Things didn't turn out as planned. The babysitter decided to ditch us and my butcher didn't french my chops. You can imagine how I felt after being all day in the kitchen and finding out our plans were ruined. 
I cooked Lamb chops, wedged baked potatoes and a roasted green pepper salad. 

  Here are a few pictures from that snowy day which we spent in doors. Enjoy!!

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  1. Your family is gorgeous!