March 15, 2012

Daddy and His Girls

 The beautiful weather in NY forced me and my family to stay out all day. Now we're all sick because of the change in weather. Despite the consequences, we had such an amazing time. We took the kids to the playground and had a small picnic. Ate amazing sandwiches from our local deli and enjoyed it with my husbands cousins. The girls were 'oh, so happy' in the playground. The worst part is trying to get them out of the playground when is time to go. Trust me mommies, I've tried everything and it still seems impossible to get them out without a tear on there faces.If you guys have any tips on how to get them out of the playground without having them weep please let me in on the secret. 

For us, it was a casual day. Jeans, a shirt and sandals kid off day, nothing fancy. I was wearing sneakers because I had to play and run with the girls. Can't see me cause I was taking the pictures + I wanted this post to be  about 'Daddy and his girls'. He doesn't spend too much time with them due to work. 

"Capturing all the beautiful moments we spend together"

I enjoy editing pictures more than I enjoy taking them. My main targets are animals, branches and flowers more than anything. Here are a few pictures I took yesterday and edited them today. I never knew how important it was to edit pictures until I started playing with my camera settings. Now it has become an obsession. 

"Cameras don't take pictures, photographers do" 

Caught Pooping

I can't wait till summer time! That means more beautiful things to capture. I hope you enjoyed my pictures and text. Leave comments on the box below:) Thanks for visiting my blog!


  1. Hey doll! Just came across your new blog and as usual the pictures are AMAZING!! Absolutely love the way you managed to capture those special moments and also the scenic beauty of the flowers and birds. Seems like your pictures get more interesting with each and every blog. I just cannot wait till summer time ! We have many more fun times to come ! <3

    1. You are honestly the sweetest person i've ever came across!! Thank you so much!