June 10, 2012

I Got The Blues

Yesterday we went to a southern barbecue restaurant in Queens. & OEMGEE! I had a brisket sandwich with mac & cheese and my husband ordered burned ends with fries. It's self explanatory what burned ends are but if you don't know, it's the burned part of a beef brisket.
 It was the first time I ever tried beef burned ends and they were amazing! So I suggest, if you ever visit a barbecue restaurant, ask for burned ends. 
I'm so glad I did the shoot before going to eat because I ended up with barbecue sauce even on my hair. 
OK enough food chatting here are the shots. Enjoy:) 

Sunnies:Ray Ban 

My vision was to wear this jumpsuit with a neon yellow necklace. Since I don't own one yet I decided to wear it with this bright red, I thought it turned out pretty good no? 
This jumpsuit is unbelievably comfortable and the color is perfectly bold. I really like loose fitting clothes, specially for summer. I feel like I can't breath if I wear tight fitting clothes in warm weather.
 I wanted to leave my hair loose but it was really hot. That lead me to pinning it towards the side and still leaving it loose.

Jumpsuit:Victoria Secret 

Clutch:Macys   Bangle(tan) & Bracelet(red):Kollares   Neon Bracelet: Handmade 

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  1. Your hair is so long!! And this jumpsuit is very cute love! xo


  2. Very cute jumper. Love your hair it's do long GB! Have you thought about a DIY fir your necklace? It's super easy. Beautiful shots btw!


  3. We love your dress! It looks cute on you. :)

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    1. Thank you so much! such an honor to have you comment on my blog:)