August 16, 2012

Hello World!

I'm proudly announcing the launch of my new Sunglass Trading platform for all you Trenders! 
ShadesTrades is a community of designer sunglasses enthusiasts. 
You can trade your sunglasses with someone else's or simply post them for sale. The idea came to me when I looked at my collection and had a few pair of sunnies that I really didn't wear anymore and that's when the light bulb went on! As a fashion blogger, sunglasses is a statement that every outfit should have. & I believe that sunnies complete a look.
ShadesTrades provides a needed platform to help us change our look more often.

Logon to now and create your free account. 

Registration is free. The service charge is only $1 when you post, so logon now and post your shades on the world's first sunglass Trading platform. Also follow us on Instagram @shadestrades. Thank you all and I appreciate everyone's support.