November 16, 2012

The Adoni Group, Inc.

A few days ago I visited The Adoni Group, Inc. showroom and factory in Manhattan.
Not knowing what to expect, I arrived and was blown away. I met with Jordan and Jensen Adoni to discuss their luxury brand, Modern Vice. The majority of the Modern Vice footwear collection is produced domestically in New York City. Their mission is to provide the highest quality footwear that is conceptualized, developed, and shipped from NYC.

The Adoni Group Inc, houses many brands which include:

Jay Adoni
Obsession Rules
Penny Sue
Modern Vice 
Dana Davis
Aimee Kestenberg 

A few key points on the factory:

  • Only full-production footwear factory in the heart of Manhattan 
  • Produces men's and women's shoes as well as luxury ice skates 
  • Starting handbag and accessory manufacturing
  • Aimee Kestenberg is the Creative Director of the handbag division of the Adoni Group, Inc.
  • Aimee has launched her first namesake line that is focused on functionality-meets-fashion. Her designs are perfect for mothers and/or mothers-to-be because of the ample pockets and accessibility.
  • Jordan and Jensen Adoni in addition to being the co-creators and co-designers for Modern Vice are also the co-creative directors and co-founders of The Adoni Group, Inc.
  • David Siskin is the creator and designer of girraffeWALK- handwoven uppers from India and finished in the Manhattan factory.
  • Klingbeil luxury ice skates- worn by Olympians such as Sasha Cohen and Sarah Hughes

I never knew how much work went into making shoes before this visit to the factory. To be honest, now I appreciate products made in the US so much more and specialy my hometown Manhattan, New York. 
Here is a video I found which will give you an exclusive pass to what goes on in the factory.
Another thing, they were featured in Elle Magazine. Amazing much?

Now let's talk handbags!

How can you not love a leather bag + rose gold details? 

Aimee and I holding my favorite bags from her 2012 collection
Aimee believes that every woman should be able to own an all-leather, fashionable designer handbag that is not a knock-off from another designer's runway collection. Every woman deserves to have the original! Aimee Kestenberg is a brand for every modern woman whose 24/7 lifestyle demands she juggle different roles simultaneously, while maintaining her self-value and sense of style. This is why I thought this collection would be right up my readers alley. I also got a sneak peek at their Spring 2013 collection:)

OK, enough of the proper words and all- This woman is a genius for designing such gorgeous bags & very useful for mothers like me. I lost count of how many pockets each bag has, but as females we know THE MORE THE BETTER!
I looked everywhere for fashionable diaper bags when I was pregnant and wasn't able to find any. This is why I am very happy to inform you all mothers/mothers-to-be about this collection.

This collection will launch December 2012. Stay tuned.

Thanks so much for inviting me over to the factory guys! Can't wait to go back:)


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