November 8, 2013

Chung Moo Rollrice & Dongas


Today were stepping into Flushing Queens, a very underrated part of NY. I was so stoked after discovering Chung Moo Rollrice & Dongas located on 39-04 Union Street, Flushing, NY 11354.


Here you will find the most delicious kimbap (prounced kimpop). This is not to be mistaken with sushi, which is typically made from raw fish. The average Kimbap is made from seasoned veggies, pickled radish, beef, fish cake and eggs. They both use rice in different ways; sushi is made with vinegar rice and kimbap uses sesame oil in the rice. Sushi is enjoyed with soy sauce, wasabi and ginger. Kimbap is enjoyed as is. I recently learned that Kimbap should be eaten with your fingers not chopsticks, whoops! Moving on to the rest of the ordered items, Bul-Go-Gi Dup-Bap (pan fried beef & vegetables over rice) and cheese ramen soup. My girls loved the ramen soup and even asked for more. After devouring the pan fried beef over rice I realized I had found my favorite restaurant and favorite item on any menu. Yep, I thought this day would never come, but there you have it. 

Chung's may be the smallest and cramped up place you've ever been in but trust me, when you start eating the food prepared with an immense amount of love by a Korean grandmother, you will forget where you are [I know I did]. Not only was the food AMAZING but the company was even better. The head chef who has been running the restaurant for ages handed us a complementary bowl of kimchi as she sat with us while speaking in her broken english to tell us about her long day. I could tell she is so passionate about food and about the customers experience. She genuinely wants everyone to leave full, happy and return for more. I give this place 10 stars!


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