February 6, 2014

Look Ma' I Can Fly


"Is Leanne an airplane or a bird?" [my thoughts] This little ball of energy literally thinks she can fly, which freaks the doodle out of me! She's a daredevil and loves to jump off high places, do flips and acts carefree. [wait... that's exactly the way I am?] but when you see it in a child, it's way more scary trust me. Some say boys act this way, is that true? Anyways, bottom line is she needs to be comfortable (I know I say this in every post) in order to run and hop and flip and skip and... you get the point. 

This adorable outfit is from Kid Couture Boutique. It's super cute, fashionable and comfortable for little girls. There's so much detail in the whole look. Starting with the peals on the statement bow, the bold knitted peplum sweater and tiny bows on the cream leggings. View more images below:)

"Es Leanne un avión o un pájaro?" [mis pensamientos] Esta pequeña bola de energía, literalmente, piensa que ella puede volar, y me asusta muchicsimo! Ella le encanta saltar de lugares altos, hacer volteretas y actuar como un alma totalmente libre. [esperate ... eso es exactamente la manera que soy yo?] Algunos dicen que los niños actúan de esta manera, ¿es cierto?

Este traje adorable es de Kid Couture Boutique. Es super lindo, esta de moda y es super cómodo para las niñas. Hay mucho detalle en este conjunto.Vean mas fotos para que se den cuenta.



sweater and leggings: c/o Kid Couture Boutique  |  boots: ZARA

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