April 8, 2014

Horseback Riding


I'm not sure if you guys remember about our previous fun experience. A few months ago my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary on a brunch cruise that toured the entire city. If you missed it, you can see it HERE.

Today I'm sharing another awesome date. We love going on solo dates but we had to make a slight exception on this one. Our oldest daughter loves horses and if she would've known we were going on this trip without her, she would've been very upset. 

A huge thanks to Discover Outdoors for allowing our daughter to accompany us on this adventure. 

Alright, I'll give you the whole line-up. We headed to New Jersey on a cool bus full of cooler people (couples) around 9:15am. Our daughter was certainly the third wheel, but she didn't mind. We got to our first destination around 10:15am, the stables. As soon as we got there we were greeted by two awesome cowboys and two super cool cowgirls. We were assigned horses for our quick lesson and you're never going to guess my horse name. Go ahead guess.... alright I'll tell you! His name was Tortilla:) The sweetest horse in the bunch. My daughter's horse was named Fandango and they were all brought from Mexico and Texas. I spoke to them in spanish the entire time. I know it might sounds crazy but I think that's why they loved me so much:)

We went on the most relaxing trail ride for about 40 minutes through acres of wooded trails. Our guide was very helpful and informative. She told us stories about all the activities they do on the stables. From night trail rides, to-weddings to-birthday parties. They even have a section where they makes campfires. It all felt as if we were a million miles away from the city. This was a beautiful way to escape from it all without going too far. Very quite horseback ride, feeling the wind as you go, accompanied by your family and just enjoying time pass by, not wanting it to ever end. Now that's a Sunday date well spent.




After our ride was over we hopped right-in the bus and drove 30 minutes to our second destination. This date included a wine tasting with live music at a locally-owend winery. I'll be completely honest, I cannot remember anything we tried. I was much too focused on food and the music. After the tasting was over we ordered a margarita pizza and truffle fries! I wish I had a few emojis to truly describe how good they were. As I mentioned before, the entire experience felt as if we were in a different country breathing a fresher air. We got back to the city around 5:30pm. 


I hope you all enjoyed this post!

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  1. Johnnybell, these pictures are gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing and we're thrilled to hear you had a great time. Please let us know the next adventure you and your family are planning, and we also have a youth program if your daughter or her school would like to learn about it. I'm at kennedy@discoveroutdoors.com. Until then, happy trails!