May 1, 2014

Into The light


These past two weeks of my life have gone from 0 to 60. I feel so blessed for everything that is currently happening in my personal life and on NYTM. I wanted to take the time to share a few quotes that I live by day-to-day because many of you have been emailing me about life issues and I want to help. There are so many things I am more appreciative for now, include certain individuals that I never notice before. "I was blind until I opened my eyes". Take a look around you, see who is always there for you and who is willing to help. Hold on to those genuine souls who will lift you higher. Your life blooms depending on those around you. My recent family vacation validated this for me. Being a strong individual in this cruel world definitely pays off. Learn to let go of those who are deteriorating your life and you'll see a significant amount of progress. & remember, no matter what you're going through, life goes on.

"Life is not about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself"


This look is ideal for a night out with friends. The loose fitting of this Christina Karin tunic is great for lazy days. I mentioned this in a previous article, loose fitting clothes are best when it's hot out, even if it's a black piece. The draped design gives you a classic punch. The best thing about this dress is that one size fits all! I decided to continue with the classic flair by adding a pearl necklace and Ralph Lauren heels. The only time that it's "OK" to wear a high bun (that is not perfectly styled) is when you're on vacation. Do you agree?


dress: c/o Christina Karin  |  shoes: Ralph Lauren  |  ring: c/o CampLandon

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