June 27, 2014


A lot of you guys ask me how my husband and I maintain our relationship fun after being married for almost 7 years and having two kids. Yes.. exploring the world, cooking a special dinner and eating out is great but there are still times when we feel like it isn't enough (we're love birds). If you have been following me for a while you might have heard of me talking about HowAboutWe for couples. It's a website where you book amazing dates to enjoy with your partner. I've honestly lost track of how many dates my husband and I have booked. From brunch cruise to comedy shows to horseback riding day trips. I can say we've enjoyed every single one of those dates. 

 For my wedding anniversary my husband and I went on a brunch cruise, find details here
As an early birthday gift to my daughter we went on an unforgettable Horseback riding day trip here where they were nice enough to allow her as she wasn't included on the date. Last weekend we attended a great comedy show (which was my first and it was one of the free dates we get on a monthly basis.) To get started by clicking here.You can pretty much say we try to book as many dates through HowAboutWe as we possibly can. 

Over the course of two months we have been fooling around with a new app called You&Me, a message app for couples. This is such a fun way for us to stay connected during our busy day. They have great features on the app like videos, songs (great way to brighten your partners day), the cutest stickers and much more. If you're in a relationship you have to download the app here. I know you and your partner will love it.

Happy Weekend!

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