September 30, 2014

On and Off | #HappiMess | Delta Faucet


Having a small or big dinner party is no joke! The cleaning, the prepping, the cleaning, the chopping, the cleaning and did I already say the cleaning? A few days ago I visited my husbands aunt's house and she pretty much invited the entire family over! I'm talking over 15 people were there and I kept on asking myself, 'How does she do it?!'. I tend to get really anxious when I'm having 3 people over because I'm a bit of a perfectionist (as most of us are). I have to scrub each and every corner of my bathroom/kitchen, clean all the tomato sauce that Leanne spilled from earlier's lunch and all that oil that sparked out on the cabinets from last nights fried chicken wings. I mean, the house MUST-BE-PERFECT!

Yesterday my husband came home with a few of our friends for a small 'dinner party'. We started with a simple arugula salad. Then moved to these spiced beef and lamb meatballs over penne pasta. For dessert we enjoyed my current favorite ice-cream; Mexican Chili chocolate (spiced with cayenne, cinnamon and guajillo chili chocolate). Everyone was blown away by how perfect everything looked, how well thought out the meal was and how clean the house looked. I'll admit.. I had great help from my new kitchen tool.

We moms know that with kids running around, spilling juices all over the floor while its time to prep lunch/dinner can be insane. I never understood how important a faucet was in the kitchen until I got a Delta Faucet 2.0 installed. For those who are not familiar, its an awesome touch facet. My kids think this is the coolest thing in our house and I must agree! The water pressure is wonderful, the design is sleek yet modern and its kid friendly. The faucet also turns off automatically so that your kids don't waste water. 

touch on.. touch off and go! Looove it!


“Why do people treat mess like it’s a bad thing? It’s actually the evidence of a life well lived. When you’re out there making, creating, doing and playing, embrace your #HappiMess and let Delta kitchen and bath innovations help clean up so you can do it all again tomorrow.”

“Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Delta via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Delta.”

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