December 18, 2014

Dominican Republic + JetBlue Giveaway!!

Growing up as a Dominican child meant visiting the Dominican republic annually, no exceptions. As I got older and my family expanded it became more difficult to continue this tradition. While growing up it was extremely important to attend our family reunions. Whether it meant traveling miles and miles to be with the ones I love during the Holidays or special occasions. To be quite honest, I've always looked for any reason to visit this beautiful country. There's something about the air, the food, the people and the culture that you cannot get anywhere else. I was born and raised in New York City. My parents are from the Dominican Republic and I have to say, DR will always feel like my home away from home.

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Creciendo como una niña dominicana significaba visitar la República Dominicana cada año, sin excepciones. Medida que fui creciendo y mi familia se expandío se hizo más difícil continuar esta tradición. Mientras crecía, era extremadamente importante asistir a nuestras reuniones familiares. Ya sea que significaba viajar kilómetros y kilómetros para estar con los que amo durante los días de fiesta u ocasiones especiales. Para ser honesta, yo siempre he buscado alguna razón para visitar el hermoso país que es la Republica Dominicana. Hay algo en el aire, la comida, la gente y la cultura que no se puede conseguir en ningún otro lugar. Nací y crecí en la ciudad de Nueva York. Mis padres son de la República Dominicana y tengo que decir, República Dominicana siempre será el hogar lejos de casa. Estoy feliz de colaborar con JetBlue para una campaña muy especial en la que le permitirá ganar 2 cupones de ida y vuelta a cualquier destino de JetBlue, excluye asientos Mint. Increíble no? !! Por favor, siga las instrucciones en Rafflecopter a continuación para obtener más detalles.

JetBlue is a brand founded on a mission to inspire humanity. With a mission about inspiring humanity, JetBlue takes that mission seriously. JetBlue always want to be active in the communities in which they serve, whether it’s working with various organizations within the community, or simply acknowledging and understanding our customers and the reasons they choose to fly. 
This JetBlue campaign is something they really wanted to do to acknowledge their communities and their customers. JetBlue has an outstanding presence in the Dominican Republic, and with the largest Dominican population outside the DR in their hometown of New York, JetBlue really felt the impact of the connections between those communities. JetBlue also recognizes the importance of bringing people home, particularly within the Dominican community, and the brand wanted to find a way to celebrate family reunions.

I absolutely loved watching the “A Taste of Home” video where it shows JetBlue sharing the most wonderful gift with a few Dominican families. 

"In November JetBlue invited a group of families with Dominican heritage to meet for dinner and a discussion about Dominican culture at La Casa del Mofongo, a restaurant in Washington Heights in NYC. They were told the conversation would be filmed for use in a documentary about Dominican culture in NYC. What the families didn’t know was that the meal was only the beginning of an emotional journey home. At the end of what was supposed to be a complimentary dinner they were handed what appeared at first to be a bill. But, inside they discovered free roundtrip tickets to the Dominican Republic. 28 total people at the dinner got the tickets, but JetBlue zeroed in the video on one family to follow their journey. The Delgadillo family is the star of the video that was created to capture the moment. They used the tickets to travel to Santo Domingo for a joyful family reunion."

Watch HERE and for your next trip visit
JetBlue es una marca fundada con la misión de inspirar a la humanidad y JetBlue se toma en serio esa misión. JetBlue siempre quiere estar activo en las comunidades que sirven, ya sea trabajando con varias organizaciones dentro de la comunidad.
Esta campaña de JetBlue es algo que realmente querían hacer para reconocer sus comunidades y sus clientes. JetBlue tiene una destacada presencia en la República Dominicana, y con la mayor población dominicana fuera de la República Dominicana en su ciudad natal de Nueva York. JetBlue también reconoce la importancia de reunir a la gente en casa, sobre todo dentro de la comunidad dominicana, y la marca quería encontrar una manera de celebrar reuniones familiares.
Me encantó ver el video "A Taste of Home" donde muestra la generosidad de JetBlue al compartir un regalo maravilloso con unas cuantas familias dominicanas. 
"En noviembre JetBlue invitó a un grupo de familias con herencia dominicana a una cena y una discusión sobre la cultura dominicana en La Casa del Mofongo, un restaurante en Washington Heights en Nueva York. Se les dijo que la conversación sería filmado para su uso en un documental sobre cultura dominicana en Nueva York. Lo que las familias no sabían era que la comida era sólo el comienzo de una experiencia emocional. Al final de lo que se suponía que era una cena de cortesía le dieron en mano lo que parecía al principio ser la cuenta. Pero, adentro descubrieron pasajes ida y vuelta gratis a la República Dominicana. 28 personas en total de la cena consiguieron los boletos, pero JetBlue se centraron en el vídeo de una familia para seguir su viaje. La familia Delgadillo es la estrella del video que fue creado para capturar el momento. Utilizaron los boletos para viajar a Santo Domingo para una reunión familiar".

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  1. It was such a beautiful video getting to see how these people reconnected with their families back home. Many of the times, life gets in the way and we forget or simply don't have the money to visit our families, friends and our homeland. I'm Puerto Rican but the Dominican Republic has been a country I've been wanting to visit for years now because of how beautiful it looks and because I also have friends I've made online there and would love to get the chance to visit them. Thank you for this giveaway!

  2. Great Post Johnnybell! I Would love to visit DR again, since it's been years since the last time I've gone. I was born there but grew up in NY and I could totally relate to your post about visiting DR for family reunions!

    Great giveaway with a great cause!

    xox- Maria

  3. Loved this video. I cried. Family is everything - there is nothing in the world more important than this, and to have someone recognize that, and do such an incredible act of kindness is truly heart warming. This story may never make the news, but the impact it had on these people will last forever.

  4. I loved the video - it was so special for Jet Blue to make the effort this way - to find a family where this trip would mean so much. I have never been to the Dominican Republic - I want to go simply because it looks like a beautiful place, I have no family connections there. But I would like to make some family memories.