January 23, 2015

Quick Getaway From NYC | Part II

Warwick, NY

Getting away from the city can sometimes be a challenge if you don't know where to go and what to do. After searching for many days for the perfect weekend getaway home I found this log home (here) only 75 minutes away from the city. 

I instantly knew this was going to be a great place for my family and I to spend a weekend out of the busy city. The perfect place for some well-needed rest and relaxation. 


We stayed in this beautiful home for the weekend and went skiing at Mount Peter, which is right next door to the home. We ate at home and visited a few great places (I'll be doing a separate post on) which were recommended by Hari, the owner of the home. 

When we arrived we couldn't help but notice how much more beautiful the home was in person. The home came equipped with everything we needed and so much more, such as pots, pans, clean towels, extra pillows, books, game boards, rice, cooking oil, etc. The kitchen has a large extended area set to be a kids playroom filled with fun toys. With the house being TV-free, this is where our children spent most of their time. Out in the front porch theres a hammock and two rocking chairs which face the ski area. Around the back of the house you'll find a large grill which we hope to use next time we visit in the Spring/Summer. The two floor home has two bedrooms and an extra mattress in one of the closets. 

The home has so many unexpected details that will truly add an unforgettable touch to your experience. My personal favorite was the skylights in the living room and the master bedroom. I am one of those people who likes to be up when the sun comes up, this was the perfect alarm clock for me.

Just an FYI, the home has wifi and great heating system. 

One of our favorite things to do was coming home after a long day of skiing, cooking dinner and ending the night with s'mores by the fire while telling childhood stories. 

This is us (picture above) playing Parcheesi, one of my favorite games while cooking dinner. I am not exaggerating when I say this stay brought my family together. I mean.. we live in a world where all kids want to do the minute they wake up is watch TV or play with their iPads. It was really nice to  do something different that didn't require technology for a change.

Photo above was taken right after lighting the fire. Please note safety door should always be closed.

The kids loved sitting by the fire in their pj's while listening to our memorable stories. My daughter and her cousin (my nephew) don't spend any time together due to our distant home. Therefore, this was a nice way to kind-off reunite them and make memories together. 

Like a scene pulled out of a movie or a 'Happily Ever After' book. 

I truly believe pictures don't do this home justice. 
I hope you guys can experience what my family and I did for yourself. If you wish to book your stay click here or send a message to Hari, the owner at warwickgetaway@gmail.com

Don't forget to share with him how you found out about the home.

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