February 25, 2015

Best of Astoria


Astoria has come a long way since it's early Dutch and German days in the 17th century. The people who inhabit this now-popular middle class neighborhood are Greeks, Middle Easters, Brazilians, latino Americans, Bangladeshis and Asians. Astoria is a melting pot for every ethnicity.

The amazing thing about this area is that you can find a Thai restaurant next to a cafe next to an Australian restaurant next to a bakery next to a... you get the drift. It's so accessible by train + bus and only 15 minutes away from Manhattan and did I mention the incredible view you get from Astoria Park of Manhattan.

random fact: I met my now husband in Astoria:)

In these last few years we have been noticing the amount of rich-ters ( not hipsters ) moving in the area. You'll find low-key bars like Let Love Inn serving unique cocktails such as the Dirty Brunette which almost feel Williamsburg-ish. Let me get to the point.. the demographic is changing drastically and I see it as a good thing. The neighborhood is definitely coming UP.

random fact: Tony Bennett grew up in Astoria.

We all know Astoria as the place to find the best restaurants in NYC. & by the best I mean great, fresh food that will keep you coming back for more!

It's very tough narrowing down the best of Astoria because to be quite frankly, there's a lot of great restaurants/bakeries/tavernas and cafes. In todays post I'll be focusing on two of my favorites and most recently visited restaurants.

Opa Souvlaki
2844 31st St, Astoria, NY 11102

It took me a very long time to visit Opa as (between-you-and-I) the place doesn't look very inviting from the outside. A few weeks ago my husband dragged me in and I didn't want to come back out! We ordered the charred octopus (best I've ever had), lamb gyro, beet and potatoes and chicken souvlaki. If you like expresso, Moe highly recommends their coffee. It's light in texture and strong in taste.

At the back of the restaurant you'll find a beautiful skylight area which truly transports you to Greece. This is a family friendly restaurant opened till 1am.

-how to get here-
Take N or Q train to 30th ave, restaurant is walking distance from subway station.


33-07 Ditmars Blvd, Queens, NY 11105

Taverna Kyclades is THE most famous restaurant in Astoria.

The wait in this hot-spot is always at least 1 hour.. so be prepared to stand for awhile. I promise it's all worth it!

Once you're seated, freshly baked bread will arrive at your table along with iced water. I'm one who has ordered everything from here and highly recommend the Mediterranean sea bass and the fillet of sole stuffed with crabmeat. Everything here will please your seafood fix. Don't leave without trying the famous complimentary dessert, which changes due to availability.

-how to get here-
Take N or Q train to Ditmars Boulevard. Restaurant is located on Ditmars Boulevard between 33rd street and 35th street.


I hope you enjoyed this post! Till next time #NYTMEats

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