May 8, 2015

A Mother's Love | Suavitel


Mother's Day is celebrated in my family everyday. However, when the actual holiday comes around it's another reason to give our moms extra attention. My family and I's festivities consist of a special dinner with all the moms in our family along with their kids. We spend the entire day cooking together, playing board games and reminiscing on old times. 

This is also a great opportunity for the kids to learn about our rich culture and beautiful history. One thing I enjoy most is learning the tips/tricks my mom and grandma used when they were younger. The home remedies they gave us while growing up and the secret ingredients they use in their legendary cheesy lasagna. 


These moments teach us that a mother’s love is unique, undeniable and certainly irreplaceable. Her voice, her smile, her touch and her scent seems perfect and comforting to us. It being the smell of her cooking, the smell of her favorite perfume or the laundry detergent she uses.

There’s something about an instant memory playback that occurs when these scents cross our path.
As a Latina growing up in a family of five, my grandmother often did laundry and she used (and still uses) Suavitel detergent. I grew up loving that scent and started using Suavitel Fragrance Pearls as I do laundry for my own family.

Fabric softener is what gives our clothes the distinct softness and scent. This gives us comfort and reminds us about our childhood. 


What's that special scent that reminds you of your mother's love?

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