August 1, 2015

BKB Restaurant

321 east 73rd street 
New York, NY 10021


Last night my husband and I had a rare date night without the girls. We dined at 
BKB Restaurant, a seafood restaurant known for it's breathtaking Hampton location.
The one my husband and I went to is located in Manhattan (321 east 73rd street) and only steps away from a lively road. 


We called ahead for our reservation-

At our arrival we were greeted by the most polite hostess.
We sat and ordered two drinks while we browsed the menu.

Then.. our waiter came to our table and brought us two oysters topped with mango salsa, and says.. "Compliments of the chef" -now that's a warm welcoming!


After ordering our beverages and devouring the oysters, we placed our dinner order. In the meantime the waiter approaches us with another surprise, chickpea spread with olive oil and a side of bread... they know me well!!


For appetizers I had the Jumbo Lump Crab Cake. They were crispy on the outside and tender/flakey on the inside and served on a bed of gold rice salad, corn, tomato, avocado,and chili creme topped with micro greens.

Absolute heaven!


Surprise, surprise.. Moe had the short ribs:). They were slow cooked with baby carrots and crisp corn floured shallots.

 I tried it and it was melt in your mouth goodness. 


For the main course, Moe and I went for good stuff, fish!

I had the East Hampton Harbor Fluke- perfectly cooked on a bed of orzo, sicilian capers, herbs and rainbow chard! So delicious, I couldn't stop eating!

Moe got the crispy skin Salmon with lobster sauce. 


For dessert we got the dark chocolate black forest bombe with warm salted caramel and sweet cherry jelly. This was certainly a showstopper (as many of you saw on my snapchat)! The waiter poured hot melted chocolate on the bombe and inside the bombe there was a sweet surprise, blackberries. 


We also got the French Meringue topped key lime tart and strawberries with graham cracker crust and passion fruit sorbet. A vacation on a plate!


BKB is one of those places that have great atmosphere, great service and great food. 
& let's not forget the drinks!

There aren't many placed in NYC that serve exquisite cocktails like this one. BKB is one of those rare gems serving drinks that aren't watered down, just real simple delicious drinks!

My husband and I definitely enjoyed our time at BKB Restaurant and cannot wait to visit their Hampton location in a few weeks.

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