January 19, 2016

Welcome to my office/living space


Today I'm going to be sharing photos of my office space which I tend to spend most of my time in. 

One thing I love having around my work space are inspirational quotes. 
One that gets me up every day is; "DO IT NOW, Sometimes 'Later' becomes 'Never'.
This is a constant reminder that time waits for no one and you're in charge of your future.

I also love having books around me, not that I'm a book worn or anything but, it feels good to sit in a quite room and just.. read (when the kids aren't around). With all these new technologies, it's really satisfying to do something old school like read a book in silence, you know.


I adore candles and love to have them around the house to set my moods right. It breaks my heart when they hit pan I have to get rid of them. what I like to do is instead of throwing out the containers once they're done, I use them as pencils/pen/marker holders and sometimes Dum Dum pop holders. Therefore, when purchasing candles; make sure they come in pretty containers so you can re-use them. 


I love live plants, but.. they don't seem to like me back. Every time I bring home a new one it instantly dies  (after a few days). The only one that still remains is the one on this stool. Maybe my home is too warm or I don't feed it properly. I may not know what it is, but in the meantime, I bought faux plants. They will always be that bright green color I love and I won't ever need to water them, perfect! I bought these shelves and faux plants from IKEA. I still need to buy a plant pot for them.


One thing I must have around me is lavender. I use it as a nice earthy pop of purple in my office. They stay looking the same for months without you having to water them and when you touch them, they smell phenomenal!


As you can probably tell, my walls are all white. The reason for this is that I love change, All-The-Time. I get very tired of things easily (more than the average person). Instead of changing wall colors, I like rearranging my furniture and adding new statement pieces such as wall arts. My latest purchase was from Minted.com

I'll share a little secret with you; hummingbirds are my favorite birds and everything in my home symbolizes something I love. For instance, the handmade rug underneath the red locker table, it's from Brazil. I brought it back when I visited Ouro Preto, Brazil during the Spring. I love bringing something back home for decor from everywhere I travel. Can't wait to show you what I brought back from Vermont over the weekend:)


I hope you guys enjoyed this little office tour. If you have any questions on any of the items in this post, pls let me know. Enjoy your day Trendster.

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