May 15, 2017

Yoga Young

Mira Rae top + pants

There's nothing more satisfying than unintentionally teaching your kids good things. I've always been well aware that kids pick up absolutely everything their parent do and say. This is the reason why my husband and I are very careful as to what we do and say in front of the kids. Over the past two years I've been practicing yoga on and off. Yoga helps me in many ways. For example; when I'm having a really tough day I love doing yoga to help me clear my mind. Yoga also helps me with my posture or when I simply need a good stretch. Most of the times I practice yoga when the kids are at school or when the kids are asleep. This is basically the only quite time I get on a daily basis. Although they don't physically see me practicing yoga, they know I do it.

 A few weeks ago my oldest daughter started watching yoga on YouTube. I didn't really think much of it. Just thought she was curious since I talk about it sometimes. A few days later she asked for workout gear. We've always been very athletic, we love running and doing various outdoor activities and enjoy watching American Ninja Warrior. The next thing I knew, she was practicing yoga in our living room. One thing is introducing some type of sport to your children or forcing them to do an activity. Something completely different is when they pick up an activity on their own because they purely enjoy it.

I was shocked and happy, of course. This goes to show... they're always watching!


The top and bottoms Zareena is wearing are by Mira Rae. Each piece comes in a delicate garment bag which makes it super convenient to carry around. Mira Rae carries toddler, girls and women pieces. Each piece is fashionable and functional which I live for!






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