August 4, 2017

Back To School Fashion For Kids

“This post is in collaboration with JCPenney. As always all opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands and collaborations that make NY Trendy Moms possible!


I remember growing up ‘back-to-school’ was one of my favorite times of the year. There was just so much excitement about getting new clothes and new school supplies (i’ve always been a sucker for stationery). I love it when each year my kids feel the same excitement I felt when I was younger. I allow them to handpick items they love such as graphic tee shirts and pieces with pops of colors. Yet, I also pick versatile pieces like dark jeans, a preppy blazer and white sneakers. Pieces that can be worn over and over again are pieces that should be in everyone’s closet including children.


JCPenney is one of those places where you will find absolutely everything you need at a great price. I’m excited to partner up with them for ‘back-to-school’ because I know how expensive things can get around this time of year due to buying school supplies and school uniforms. Therefore, today I will be sharing a few tips on how to stay fashionable without breaking the bank.


You would be surprised to know how easy it is to incorporate trends to school uniforms. Graphic tee shirts are just one way to personalize a school uniform. Not only can you wear them for school but you can also wear them on days off. If the school doesn't have a strict uniform rule.. I say; purchase a few graphic tee shirts, I like basic colors because you can wear them many times without it being too obvious. Let’s say one white, one grey and one black. Along with the tee shirts I would suggest buying two pairs of pants, two skirts and two dresses. This should last throughout the year. Again, depending on the school rules you might need to purchase in a different color. Sometimes hunter green, dark blue, khaki, etc. Throughout the week you rotate the items. Making each day different by personalize each look using accessories. It could be hair pins/headbands, scarfs, jewelry or even by changing the laces on your shoes to a different color. The possibilities are endless. 
Jayleen today is wearing her school uniform. Navy blue bottoms and a white shirt. I added this blazer here and these sneakers here#SoWorthIt



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