December 8, 2017

Welcome Home | Keepsake


These past few months have been insane. If it wasn't for my recent trip to Jamaica I think I would've lost my mind awhile ago. From being a new homeowner, to dealing with an awful contractor, to getting seriously sick from eating outside everyday since our kitchen is still not finished. Time has been one of the most difficult things to keep track of. Everyday is either running to the doctor or running to The Home Depot. Many of you might not be aware of the situation
since all I post on the blog and social accounts are positive and upbeat content. I know all this is temporary and I cannot wait for all this renovation to be over. 

Given the circumstances I haven't really been able to start the fun part of every home purchase, the decorating. A wall full of memories instantly popped in my head when I though of my entryway. Since it's the very first thing you see when you walk in my house I thought it would be ideal to work on this first.

I recently found out about Keepsake. Keepsake is an app for iPhone and Android which accesses your photos (with your permission of course) and prints out images sending them straight to your home. Ok, let me break it down so you understand how it works.

1- You download the Keepsake app.
2- Star framing by picking the size of your frame.
3- Select the image and frame style/resize images/add filters and more.
4- Add shipping address and payment info.
& you're done!

If you follow me on instagram then you might remember last week when I received the frames. I posted an instastory of how neatly the frames arrived. Each frame was bubble wrapped individually and came with its own nail and hook. All ready to hang on the wall. 

Each image I chose means a lot to me. I have a photo of when my family and I took a trip to Brazil, another one when we took our first trip to Disney, another one of my nephew (who I adore) giving me a huge kiss, etc. This wall represents every special moment/person in our lives.

At first I was skeptical about transferring images from my phone to the app and onto a frame because of the potential change of quality. However, that didn't happen with my images (thankfully). 


I also wanted to mention something that may be a little confusing to some. When ordering the frames you'll need to purchase each one separately (but don't worry, they will all arrive at the same time). After the first order your address and payment info will be automatically set to save you time.

If you're interested in purchasing these frames or designing your own be sure to use my discount code NYTRENDYMOMS to receive 20% off each frame. Not only do they make great accents on the walls but they also make great gifts for the Holidays.

I will say, things aren't 100% how I wish they were but I know with time it will be perfect. Thankfully, my entryway looks welcoming. Happy weekend!



  1. How stinking cute! What a lovely idea, i'll have to check out that app!!

    1. Thanks so much Maria! Don't forget to use my code for $ off :)