October 16, 2018

You Inspire Me


In life, we sometimes find ourselves deep in despair. In the moment we think nothing can fix us, no one can make us feel better and for that time everything stands still.
This was my life for over 9 months. My entire pregnancy was a living nightmare. I felt every emotion imaginable. Not only was my pregnancy stressful but I also had many complications during and after delivery.

Up until two months ago, I was still living in these dark times. It took so much out of me to pull myself out and actually start living.

Thankfully, all of that resulted in the most amazing human being we call, James.
Ever since I had him, I’ve become a brand new person… a person with a bigger purpose. Someone who is a bit more passionate, a bit more loving and a bit more alive. It’s crazy what being a mother can do to us physically and mentally.

I’m now three months postpartum (can you believe how fast that went by?). Baby James has become the light of our lives, not just mine.

When I look into James eyes, I see a successful me. He truly makes me want to do more and better things in life. That’s why when adidas asked me to write about someone who inspires me I knew James was the one.

I only have experiences with having two daughters who are now 7 and 10 years old. From what I hear, you need to have more energy to run after boys. They are very active, playful, sometimes trouble makers and very loving.



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You might be asking how can a three month old baby boy inspire you? Well, little James has inspired me to get moving and eat healthier. I mean, I need to be in good shape if I’m going to play cops and robbers with my little guy, cheer him on at his school games and overall be there when he needs me.

Most days after dropping my daughters off school I make my way to the gym where I spend one hour working on myself. 30 minutes on the treadmill, 20 minutes on the stairmaster and finish off with a few floor exercises. After returning home I make myself a green juice and go on with my day.

Many of us don’t realize that getting healthy doesn’t only help oneself but it also instills healthy habits in our family.

Thank you James for inspiring me to stay fit.
Who inspires you?

This post was sponsored by adidas, all opinions are my own.