November 8, 2018

We Sleep Better Now | BeautySleep Kids


Who doesn't love a goodnight sleep? I know I do! 
As a busy mom of two daughters and a four month old baby boy I'm always looking forward to a nice sleep (whenever I can). & can you blame me? After years of sleeping on uncomfortable spring mattresses I can finally tell you how much of a difference it makes to sleep on a memory foam mattress. My daughters can agree. Now that school is in session it is crucial for our mini-me's to have the right foundation to focus in class and it all starts with the right mattress. 


My girls had been complaining about their uncomfortable spring mattress for months now and I didn't know how bad it was until I laid on it myself. I instantly knew it was time for an upgrade.

 I wanted something that was perfect for them. Something that was convenient and I could unpack/arrange myself. That's why I was so excited when BeautySleep reached out and wanted my girls to test their new BeautySleep Kids mattress. We got the Courtland 8-inch gel memory foam mattress and the Meadowlark 6-inch gel memory foam mattress both sold at

It was very important for me to test the mattress out for a few months before bringing you this post.

So this is how it came..


Each mattress came in a large box. Inside the box I found a rolled airtight something that looked like a burrito. The instructions were inside and it explained everything ever so clearly. Once the plastic was removed, the mattress started to come to life. My daughters were fascinated by the whole thing and could't help the "ooh's and aah's". A few seconds after an actual mattress appeared.

This was super easy to assemble and I know anyone can do it.


It's no surprise that my girls have twin size bunkbeds just like my brother and I while growing up because "HELLO" we live in New York City and space is very limited. Both mattresses are light weight and perfect for my random room rearranging sessions.


Jayleen (my oldest daughter who is 10) decided to go with the Courtland 8-inch gel memory foam mattress. This one is a thicker mattress with more support but equally as comfortable as the 6-inch. Hazel (7 years old) went with the Meadowlark 6-inch gel memory foam mattress. Since she's lighter in weight and likes a much firmer (not hard) rest area. 

Since memory foam retains body heat better it's perfect for cooler days. I would recommend the 6-inch to younger kids, kids who are lighter in weight or kids who simply like a firmer mattress. Both of my girls are very happy with their choices.

The mattresses are also available in full size and are water resistants perfectly designed for clumsy-pants like my daughter, Hazel. Its hard enough keeping their room clean I'm glad their bed's will stay stain-free for years to come.

While researching for this article I came across a fun fact that blew my mind. "Humans sleep one third of their life". Now, that's insane! Doesn't that make you want to reconsider where you sleep?

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