April 28, 2019

Staying at The Plaza With The House of Creed


If you follow me on social media than you probably already know that The House Of Creed invited my friend Nadia and I to a staycation at The Plaza Hotel in celebration of Mother's Day.

I know it's hard to believe that I've never visited The Plaza Hotel as I'm a born and raised New Yorker (and the Leather Spa down at the Food Hall doesn't count). It's always been a dream of mine to one day step foot in the place where they filmed my childhood favorite movie, Home Alone 2. 



Upon our arrival Nadia and I met with the Creed team who then escorted us into our incredible room.
As we walked in we noticed the most thoughtful note and gifts on our bed. We got monogramed Pj's  and eye masks from Sleepy Jones, initial bathrobes from Matouk, Milk Bar cookies (which I saved for the kiddos), a Creed Floralie perfume and a Veuve Clicquot Champagne.

Everything was so nicely set up that we didn't even want to remove it from the bed.
but eventually, we did!


After checking out our rooms we made our way downstairs to The Palm Court for High Tea. Here we met the rest of the group and indulged in delicious cucumber sandwiches, delicate desserts and huge pots of tea.

This was a really nice and relaxing time to meet other moms while getting our tummies ready for a full day of fun.


Right before wrapping our high tea session a little surprise made it's way to our table. Shalim, our waiter brought over a sweet Mother's Day plate filled with more sweet goodness.


I wasn't playing when I said we had a full day of 'fun' ahead (that's mom slang for R&R).
Creed wanted to make sure we didn't move a muscle so they made a nail and hair appointment at Warren Tricomi right before dinner. Can someone pinch me*


Nadia and I then changed for our evening activities which included visiting the Creed Boutique in Madison Ave.

side note*
It's so funny how fast we're able to get ready for dinner when it's just us versus two hours when we have to get the entire family ready as well. Nadia and I were joking about that and we definitely appreciated these little things while on our staycation.


Our visit to the Creed Boutique was quite an experience.

Things I learned
-The House Of Creed was founded in 1760.
- Each scent is weighed, mixed and filtered all by hand.
- The fragrances are made in house by father and son
- Each bottle is handcrafted


After getting schooled on perfume-making we stepped in the iconic Carlyle Hotel for dinner and a Jazz concert to follow.


The food was surreal! I know Moe would've killed to join me.. but I will definitely be bringing him back to try the lobster bisque and the steak.

After dinner we got a very special performance by Steve Tyrell which we couldn't film but enjoyed fully.



The next morning we had the opportunity to have breakfast downstairs or order room service. Guess what we moms did? Order room service of course!

Nadia or myself hadn't had a peaceful breakfast-in-bed like this in years. We both share similar rules in our household and one that is at the top of our list is 'No eating on the bed'. So please don't tell our kids we broke the rules.


"On the stroke of twelve, the spell will be broken, and everything will be as it was before."
In other words, when noon hit (that's checkout time) we will be going back to our crazy reality!
major cinderella moment* haha


Thank goodness that checkout is at noon at the Plaza.
After breakfast Nadia and I watched some TV, had some girl talk, took a bubble bath/showered and got ready to go back home.

Truly an unforgettable Mother's Day staycation.

Thank you to The House Of Creed and The Plaza Hotel for hosting us.

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