October 13, 2019

Daughters Room Transformation


Every so often I get into this unexplainable rearranging mood (truthfully, more often than my husband would like). This usually happens when I purchase something new or when a new season approaches. It’s now October and I wanted to tackle a few home improvement projects before the year ends.

Starting with my husbands sad closet. 


My husband like many working men don’t have the time to clean out his closet. He has a 9-5 and barely has time to do anything for himself. I, being the wonderful wife that I am, wanted to surprise him with a brand new space where he could see all he has in an organized fashion. (see what I did there haha)


I purchased this ‘9 shoe organizer’ from Amazon’s Basics list. I am so happy with this purchase because it’s super sturdy, it took less than 10 seconds to assemble (without reading instructions), fits perfectly in a basic New York closet, it’s light enough to move anywhere if needed, and it’s affordable. I had been looking for something like this for his closet for months now. I really don’t like the wooden ones because they break, scratch and chip easily and they’re too big for his closet area. Another great thing about this shoe organizer is that it’s not only good for shoes. I also folded a few of his sweaters and placed them at the top where he could see them. 



Another item I purchased from Amazon was this double closet rod to maximize his closet space. Here’s what I did:

I first removed and reinstalled with the original rod. Reinstalled it higher to give me room to add more clothes at the bottom. All it took was some measuring to get it right. I would suggest measuring before removing the original rod as it becomes the perfect guide to building an ideal organized space. 

While on the hunt for great organizing tools I came across this rod which is also perfect for renters who aren’t allowed to drill holes in their apartments or just don’t want to do the extra work of having to drill. This rod is so great because it just hangs on an existing rod like a hanger while providing another rod below. Genius!  


Once installed, I organized his clothes according to how often he wears them. Coats/jackets at the top right, suits at the top left, button down shirts at the top center, tee-shirts at the bottom center, blazers at the bottom left and shoes at the bottom. 


Whaaaat?” was his genuine reaction when he saw his new closet space. He realized how much bigger the closet was when all the space was utilized. You’ll also see on the door I added a super inexpensive hat organizer to hold some of his hats. Something else you can do is add a few command hooks to hang scarfs or belts.


After I was done with Moe’s space, I still wasn’t satisfied nor tired. So I used that energy to plan another project, Jayleen and Hazel’s room. This was something I'd been meaning to do since we bought our house but always set it aside for tomorrow. I can't even tell you how happy I am this room is finally completed. A part of me was living her childhood dream of creating a beautiful, clean and girly space where I could nap, read or simple lay.. I mean, my girls not me. haha.


Living in New York City isn’t the best when it comes to space. As a born and bred New Yorker who’s lived in apartment after apartment, trust me I know the struggle of fitting furniture in a tiny space.

My two girls share a tiny room that only has one closet. That is a girly girls worst nightmare! and I happen to have two. Tackling this project was not easy. It took a lot of measuring, planning and pinning. I wanted this to also be a surprise but soon after I started measuring they caught on. In a way I am happy they did since they were able to guide me and help me during the process. 


First thing was getting rid their old bunkbed. They had that bed for over 6 years. It had been through hell-and-back I tell ya'. Three moves, it’s been painted more times than I can count to hide the damages and truth be told, it was way too big for the space they currently share. 






I knew a trundle bed was the perfect size for their small space. One thing I learned these past few years is that the color white and kids don’t mix! I repeat, do not buy anything white for kids because no matter how much you take care of it or how much you clean it, it doesn’t last. So I knew I had to get something that was simple, NOT white and practical.

I browsed online for days and couldn’t find anything that we all liked, had good reviews and was at a good price point. Finally, I came across this twin trundle bed which we all happen to agree on. Along with the bed, I also purchased an organizer and another shoe organizer just like Moe’s one.

My girls and I love doing arts and crafts. All of their art supplies were currently in the pantry because we didn’t have space for it. For this room transformation I knew I wanted to have all of their things in one area. That’s why I purchased this organizer where they could see everything they have (not pictured). It was either that or purchasing a vanity/alex drawer. In the end we decided to go with what they would end up using more and that was the organizer. 


This might be something that may be obvious to some of you but it’s something I didn’t do when planning the room makeover. Before purchasing any furniture, measure! Don’t just think things might fit or might work but actually measure and be 100% that it will fit where you want it to fit. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made this mistake and I finally learned my lesson. 

One thing aside from measuring that will work is using blue painters tape to plan out where things will go. I learned that trick from watching home renovations on HGTV. 


To create more of a feminine space I wanted to add a canopy. I found pretty lace curtains on sale and a simple curtain wire which turned out to be super sleek on the walls. If you want a straight line I recommend getting a middle support piece (which I didn't, but need to) otherwise the wire will be droopy and dangle a little. To hang the curtains on the wire I got tiny curtain hooks. For additional closet space I bought a simple closet with a mirror from Ikea.


Because the space is so small I wanted to keep everything sleek and flush to the wall. That is why instead of a tacky mini chandelier (which every little girls room has) I bought this light fixture from Costco. I liked it so much that I even added one in my own bedroom.


The side table used to hold the lamp and clock is actually a plant stand
This Crochet Trim Linen Comforter set is from Target and it's currently on sale. 

For the finishing touch I hung this beautiful watercolor painting. It's by an amazing artist, Kate Ahn and I got it from Minted. I have the Rose 40" x 54" with matte black frame. The painting is an abstract of a mother and child embracing the love between a parent and a child. This was such a meaningful piece to add into their room as the connection my girls and I have is very special.


If you follow me on social then you might remember a few weeks ago I received an amazing package from my friends at Love, Beauty & Planet and Love Home & Planet. Inside it contained many Back-to-School goodies for my daughters, an amazon gift card which was used to purchase a few of the items in their new bedroom and of course everyday home products.




Since were starting fresh with a new room, I also wanted to gradually change the cleaning products we use in our home to more natural ones. In order to maintain a pure and clean space I encouraged my girls to use conscious products to clean their room too. Love Home & Planet has always been our favorite because not only are their products good for you but also good for the planet. One thing that stands out most is that all of their bottles and packaging are made from recycled materials (for the exceptions of their bottle caps which will change by 2021). Their product range is pretty large including multipurpose wipes, multipurpose cleaner spray, laundry detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, dishwashing soap and my families favorite dry-wash spray.


The dry-wash spray is basically dry shampoo for your clothes. It's even become hard to live without. So, you know how our kids wear something once and think just because it's worn once it needs to go in the laundry? Well, a little bit of this will save you giant piles of laundry. This product is so great that I have all three scents. It refreshens, softens and removes wrinkles.

You can learn more about this amazing company here.

I hope this post, photos and links help you and inspire you on your next home project. 
As always, thank you so much for stopping by. If you have any questions or want to leave some love feel free to comment below and I'll be happy to reply. 
Have an amazing upcoming week.

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Stay Trendy!

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