December 16, 2019

Bring Back Memories With JOHNSON’S

“I partnered with JOHNSON’S ® to produce this post. As always all opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands and collaborations that make NY Trendy Moms possible”

Going on vacation for me while growing up wasn’t traveling the world, meeting different people and eating different foods. My vacation as a child was staying with my abuela all Summer long in the Dominican Republic while my mother worked two jobs back in New York. Back then I didn’t realize how great these moments were until I no longer had them. 

See, my grandma cared for me better than anyone else. She would sit me right by the stove so I could watch her cook, she would feed me, teach me how to sew, even bathe me and right after she would slather JOHNSON’S ® Baby Lotion on me from my head to my toes. She would do ‘tres moños’ (three buns) which I thought was the ugliest hairstyle in the history of hairstyles! As much I hated every Summer with her back when I was a child because I saw it as ‘grandma doesn’t leave me alone; she just wants me to sit with her’ ‘she makes me do chores while I’m supposed to be on vacation, ugh’. Thanks to her I learned to really take care of myself and my loved ones.

That’s why when JOHNSON’S ® reached out to work with me, I knew I had to share this story as it lives vividly in my mind. There’s nothing that brings back more childhood memories than  JOHNSON’S ® Baby Lotion and my Summer days in Dominican Republic. 

Fast forwarding to today, I still use JOHNSON’S ® products on myself and my family.... but not only in the ways you might think. Here’s a good laugh; back in middle school I wouldn’t like to use hair gel because it would leave my hair too crusty and after one use, I had to wash it due to all the residue left behind. So I would use JOHNSON’S ® Baby Lotion to slick down my hair. It was the perfect hold, smelled amazing and I could brush it afterwards without a problem. I know how crazy it might sound but it’s true.

As a mother of a pre-teen, I now teach my daughter the old tricks I used to do.

Another multipurpose product I use is JOHNSON’S ® Baby Shampoo. Yes, it’s great for baby’s hair but also great to wash my makeup brushes. It’s honestly the only thing that doesn’t irritate my skin, leaves my brushes feeling soft and smelling good. 

That’s why JOHNSON’S ® Baby Products will always have a special place in my heart.

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