January 6, 2020

Dad Jeans and Neon Topps


Good Morning.
Happy Monday and Happy New Year!

This past weekend was so wonderful for my family.
Aside from missing an event Saturday morning because Moe and I overslept which never happens (we blame James for keeping us up the night before). We enjoyed oversleeping that morning! As a result, we were able to eat breakfast at home and take our time getting dressed. We had so much free time that after breakfast we visited Topps Bakery. I will admit we only come here for one thing and that's their Boston cream donuts.. their amazing and very addictive!!

We normally visit Chantilly Patisserie and Bakehouse but they're currently closed as they're on vacation (returning tomorrow 1/7).





There's typically a lot going on for us on the weekends since it's the only two days Moe has off work. We always plan ahead when it comes to visiting new places, trying new foods or doing some type of family activity. But not this past weekend. We just hung out with no rush or care. I will admit, it was a bit uncomfortable at first. I'm usually the one who is all about running on schedule and since there was no schedule I was lost.


& since I had the time, why not get back to shooting content for the blog?
This wasn't planned, just pure coincidence. I promise!

Having time to shoot and not being so focused on doing something every single minute of my life made me realize how much I missed shooting outfit posts and writing on the blog.


fanny pack: Dagne Dover


jeans: Topshop



shop similar neon long sleeve tops below





name necklace and chain necklace: Baublebar



I snuck this Zara Men's blazer out of Moe's closet six months ago and he still doesn't know what ever happened to it. That was until today. 


Let's talk shoes. Leopard in specific. I've had an addiction with leopard shoes since I was 13. Or since the Cheetah Girls came out on Disney Channel back in 2003. My latest victim are these pointed toe heels from Zara.com that I scored a few weeks ago on sale. I can't get them off my feet!

Below are a few leopard favorites.



At the end of the day, was this an outfit post or a Topps Bakery shoot?
We'll never know.

haha, just kidding guys! This is NOT an ad or sponsored post (although I should be getting paid for all this advertising). I honestly didn't even realize I was taking photos with the cup until I started uploading them here. I was just sipping on my coffee while strolling around and casually taking photos.

P.S. Topps Bakery if you're seeing this, I will work for Boston Cream donuts.
p.p.s. See what I did with the title there? haha.
I'll be here all week!

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