February 23, 2020

THE GULLY | An Urban-Desi Restaurant


Back in 2013 my family visited Bangladesh for the very first time. 
A 24+ hour journey to an unknown land where all I had seen prior to my visit were photos and videos online. Fast forwarding to 2020, and we've made two trips back to my husbands motherland.

If you've been following along via my social accounts then you know my family just came back from  Turkey and Bangladesh. While in Bangladesh we couldn't get enough of the delicious food. We tried it all! Everything from Fuchka, Chanachur, Jhalmuri, Singara, Jallaby and so much more. 

A part of me misses the street food in Bangladesh and another part of me is thankful to have discovered The Gully, An Urban-Desi Restaurant. I found a nice peace of Bangladesh right here in the heart of Queens. I am aware that there are plenty of Bangladeshi restaurants in all of New York but none like this one.

In the midst of all the hookah lounges on Steinway street (Queens, NY), you'll find The Gully. My husband and I stopped by several times to try a few of their specialties. 

If you're looking for a nice spicy eatery, I recommend visiting The Gully.

Try some of our favorite; 

Here's a twist on the boring fried calamari. The Calamari Tempura Chaat is amazing! It's basically tempura style fried calamari, sewed crisps topped with tamarind and mint sauce.  

The Chicken Tikka mac and cheese is a fan favorite. Picture succulent spicy chicken tikka and elbow macaroni in a creamy 3 cheese sauce.

If you love hot flavorful food like I do, you'll love this spot.

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