November 1, 2020

Halloween Recap


I hope everyone had a safe Halloween yesterday! 

Like many of you, I didn't take the kids trick-or-treating this year which is an annual tradition we look forward to. Instead we gathered the family and dressed up, ate great food, danced around and took tons of photos for memories. Here are a few.

On Halloween day we were quite busy. I woke up early to cook a lasagna while Jayleen spent hours baking and decorating a chocolate cake. 

After all the chaos in the kitchen was done I started getting the family ready. 
Started with Jayleen's makeup and finished with my brother's, he was the Joker.

This was such an unexpected costume coordination. My dad was a police officer and Moe a robber.
Moe joked all night that my dad was arresting him because he stole my heart :)

My cousin was Frida Kahlo and her boyfriend was Diego Rivera (Frida's husband).


When picking out my costume I knew I wanted to go with something that wasn't too popular and that made sense in my life. My kids ( specially James ) love animals and being a Safari Guide was perfect for me. How cool would it have been to have all my kids dressed as wild animals haha. 


Jayleen was Cleopatra!


Here we have Jayleen as Cleopatra, my nephew Kay as Naruto, James as Catboy and Witch Hazel. 

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