September 14, 2022

 A message from our editor: Johnnybell 

I find it so fascinating how I've been able to share my life through photos and text for almost 11 years. That's how long I've had this blog for. NYTM started as a fun little hobby and has become an extension of my life. You've seen my family and myself grow for over a decade. You were there when I moved from Astoria. You were there when I found out I was pregnant with James. You were there when I bought my first house. You were there when I launched Shop Johnnybell. You continue to support me with every single collaboration I take on. That will always blow my mind! Thank you for sticking around even through my inconsistency on here. These past four years have been the most challenging in my life as becoming a mother for the third time after so many years can feel like the very first time. 

As school is back in session and James has entered pre-K, I finally have free time to hop back into blogging. You might remember I attempted to do this a few months back but wasn't able to maintain a consistent schedule due to the lack of down time. 

In pure transparency, having 6+ hours to myself now that he's in school feels like a breath of fresh air. MY GOD! I forgot what it felt like to actually desire to write and want to create content out of pure desire not obligation. It's so gratifying.

Thank you for continuing to show up for me. I love my community. I love you. 

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