October 11, 2022

A Butter-full event with Kerrygold


Yesterday my family and I attended a fun interactive cooking experience with my favorite butter brand Kerrygold

If you're not familiar with this brand then you haven't tasted excellent butter. Kerrygold is a butter and cheese company that makes it's products with milk from Irish grass-fed cows. & you can taste the difference. Kerrygold has been around since 1962 and it's been a fan favorite from the get-go.

The event was in celebration of Kerrygold's latest launch, The Magical Pantry. A website that was created for parents and children to spend quality time connecting with each other. The idea is to involve the entire family in the cooking process and allow them to see how they can create delicious things with their own hands. All while enjoying story telling, learning recipes and creating memories. I'm all about involving my family in the kitchen and now you can too.

The Magical Pantry, designed to help families learn to cook together with delicious recipes and fable-like children’s stories. Designed for both desktop and mobile, The Magical Pantry allows young families to fully customize a character, pick from almost 40 recipes, and select one of 4 unique fables. Their character is then incorporated right into the pages of  the story – where hundreds of combinations of recipes and stories magically come to life.


We started off by creating our characters for our story. We customized them on paper but you'll be able to do this on the site digitally. Aside from coloring and learning more about our favorite butter brand we also tasted dishes that were made with Kerrygold products, James made mac-and-cheese and we made butter in a mason jar (coolest thing ever). Checkout video here

fun facts

Milk from cows that are grass-fed is rich in natural beta-carotene. This gives Kerrygold® butter and cheese their traditional rich golden color.

The idea of involving the entire family in the kitchen at least once a week can help your family come together in amazing ways. Try it out! & don't forget to choose Kerrygold when in need of butter :)

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